Earlier today, Maduro met a group of soldiers who were injured in an ambush near Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas state earlier this month by Colombia’s Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional (ELN). 

During the televised event, Maduro met with four injured soldiers and said that he was committed to making sure that every group that enters Venezuela looking to spread “war and violence” will reckon with the National Bolivarian Armed Forces.

During the same event, the regime announced that it was sending 2,000 troops to Amazonas state to safeguard the area against ELN incursions. Maduro said:

Rest assured that we will strengthen all of our plans to protect the border, we are going to maintain our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Zero tolerance against those who want to bring war and violence to Venezuela!

Reports of ELN activity deep in Venezuela have captured public attention over the last several weeks. The Colombian guerrilla group is suspected of having killed at least two miners in Bolivar state in October, and approximately 16 in the same region in 2016. The group is believed by opposition figures to be fighting to take over mining operations in Venezuela’s Arco Minero region. 

I am especially busy this week and will be unable to spend much time with the daily updates.

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