Heavy rains caused widespread flooding in Caracas today, paralyzing sections of the city starting in the late afternoon.

The Libertador Avenue, a main artery that links the city’s east and west, was completely flooded, making vehicular traffic impossible.

The video below shows cars wading through floodwaters on the Libertador avenue:

In the image below, the same stretch of road is devoid of traffic given the depth of the waters:

The video below shows a raging Guaire river and flooded roads. The video was recorded just south of the stretch of the Libertador Avenue seen above:

The two videos below show the level at which the Guaire found itself today. The second video shows the river nearly overflowing onto the Francisco Fajardo highway in the Las Mercedes neighbourhood of the capital:

The Francisco Fajardo highway, another main road in the city, was turned into a river at the Altamira interchange. The video below shows a lone truck wading the waters there:

An image from the Francisco Fajardo highway:

Another shot of the Guaire nearly overflowing onto the highway, this time in the city’s east end:

In the Macaracuay neighbourhood of the city, a bridge was nearly submerged by the river:

For comparison, the image below shows the Guaire river as it normally flows through Caracas:

In the Baruta municipality of Caracas, torrential waters rushed down a local road:

Political Prisoner Reunited With Mother in Exile After Four Years

Lorent Saleh, a high-profile political prisoner who was exiled to Spain by the Maduro regime on October 12, was reunited with his mother today for the first time in over four years. 

Saleh welcomed his mother at the Barajas international airport in Madrid, where they had a tearful reunion that was caught on video:

Saleh was arrested in September 14 2014 after the Maduro regime accused him of conspiring to unleash a terrorist campaign throughout the country with the help of Colombian paramilitary units. Saleh spent a combined total of 26 months in La Tumba

Saleh’s preliminary hearing was delayed a total of 53 times during his four years in detention, meaning that he never appeared before a judge to answer to the charges against him.

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