The Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre [Free Venezuela Wide Front] (FAVL), an association of political parties and civil society groups, is calling for protests tomorrow around the country in rejection of the regime’s handling of labour disputes in the country.

In a press conference yesterday afternoon, FAVL spokesperson Rafael Venegas said that he was expecting labour groups in several states to heed the organization’s call.

On the justifications for the protest, Venegas said:

Let’s not continue to allow violations and abuses against our labour rights by this dictatorial regime that we have [in power] right now.

Venegas also said that the FAVL hopes that tomorrow’s protests will be “the start of a new form of struggle” against the Maduro regime headed by the labour sector, and fueled by the “destruction” of Venezuelan salaries. 

The Frente Amplio was created in March of this year, at the same time that the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD) appeared to be collapsing. The MUD, a bloc of opposition political parties that was the Maduro regime’s main domestic challenger for several years. After initial successes–namely winning the National Assembly in the 2015 parliamentary election–the MUD was unable to coalesce widespread anti-regime sentiment into concrete results, causing several of its members parties to abandon the bloc.

Cabello Lashes Out Against Chavista Ally

During his weekly television show last week, ruling party vice president Diosdado Cabello lashed out against Eva Golinger, a long-time ally of chavismo in the international media.

During his show, Cabello said that Golinger was an “imperialist agent” in response to an opinion that she expressed on Twitter last week. In her tweet, Golinger said that it was “a bit desperate” for Maduro to go to the United Nations General Assembly on the promise that U.S. President Donald Trump might meet with him:

Golinger is arguably one of the staunchest defenders of chavismo on the international stage, and has based her career on exalting the Bolivarian project in Venezuela. Following Chavez’s death in 2012, Golinger suggested that he may have been assassinated by the United States, lending credence to a fringe conspiracy theory that has found difficulty gaining footing even inside the PSUV. 

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