Asdrubal Oliveros, the head of the Ecoanalitica polling firm, said today through his Twitter account that the country’s inflation rate in August shot up 200%, continuing a months-long upward trend in the figure that is consistent with a hyperinflationary spiral. According to the National Assembly, the country’s inflation rate in Mayo, June and July of this year increased by 110%, 128%, and 125%, respectively.

Number of Venezuelans in Colombia Nearing 1 Million

Colombia’s migration authority announced today that there are currently 935,593 Venezuelans living in Colombia, 468,428 of whom are in the country legally. Of the remainder, 361,399 have already begun the paperwork to make their stay in Colombia permanent, while 105,766 are there illegally.

Colombian authorities also revealed that the Bogota region houses 23.5% of the country’s Venezuelan population, while the La Guajira and Norte de Santander departments in the north of the country each house 11.7% and 11.4%, respectively.

Colombia is host to the largest Venezuelan diaspora community in the world, which now includes 2.3 million Venezuelans who have left their home since 2014.

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