Ultimas Notiicias reported today that nine military officers have been arrested for allegedly conspiring to overthrow the Maduro government in a plan they called “Operation Armageddon”.

The supposed existence of Operation Armageddon was first reported earlier this year, when news reports appeared suggesting that that plan involved assassinating Maduro to stop the May 20 presidential election from taking place. While the plan is alleged to have involved mostly military officers, Vente Venezuela chief and vociferous regime critic Maria Corina Machado was also linked to the supposed operation.

According to Ultimas Noticias, Operation Armageddon was allegedly headed by a naval captain by the name of Luis Humberto de la Sotta Quiroga,  alongside captain Carlos Gustavo Macsotay Rausseo and lieutenant colonel Ruperto Molina Ramirez. The three men were arrested and charged with treason, instigating rebellion and conspiracy, alongside six other armed services members.

Maduro Announces Major Changes to State-Owned Companies

Maduro announced today that his government would restructure a number of state-owned companies in an attempt to turn them into profitable enterprises. While Maduro was vague on the details of the restructure, he said that it would come into effect starting on August 20.

Maduro made the announcement during a speech in which he admitted that he had ordered a study into the operations of 70 state-owned companies, and found out that every last one of them was operating at a loss.

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