The Maduro regime reacted with anger today following yesterday’s resolution from the Organization of American States (OAS) condemning the May 20 presidential election as fraudulent. The resolution is the strongest official repudiation of the Maduro regime to come out of the OAS, and was backed by nineteen countries.

The charge was led by Constituent Assembly president Delcy Rodriguez, who posted a vitriolic attack against OAS secretary general Luis Almagro through her Twitter account. Rodriguez said:

That depraved [Luis Almagro] embodies the greatest immorality of any imperial lackey [and] he continues to be the most abject and failed servant in the Hemisphere! He will never be able to defeat Venezuela, or our Great Motherland! He’s become stuck in the quagmire of history! Viva Venezuela!

Rodriguez’s brother, Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez, criticized the OAS resolution during a televised interview that aired on the state-owned VTV network.

Rodriguez attempted to argue that the resolution was “non-existent”–that is, invalid–since he alleged that it violated the OAS’ own regulations. Rodriguez said:

The resolution doesn’t exist [sic] because article 2 of the statute that established teh OAS [says that the organization] cannot intervene in the internal affairs of countries. Thus, this resolution is non-existent for Venezuela.

Rodriguez did not explain how the OAS resolution, which namely expresses an opinion regarding the May 20 presidential election in Venezuela, constitutes “interference” in the country’s internal affairs.

Calling the resolution one of “the worst actions of the OAS”, Rodriguez said that Maduro had “a couple of little bombshells” to announce in response to the sanctions, but provided no further details.

Cabello Calls Resolution Symptom of “Imperialism” At OAS

Diosdado Cabello, the vice president of the ruling PSUV party, commented on the OAS resolution yesterday during his weekly television show, Con El Mazo Dando.

During the show, Cabello said that the regime’s many enemies “failed” in their attack against Venezuela at the OAS yesterday. Cabello attempted to explain by saying:

They tried to attack us at the OAS, and they failed again, but not because it doesn’t matter what the OAS says; rather, they failed again.

Cabello then referenced U.S. ambassador to the OAS Carlos Trujillo, who said on Sunday that he was confident that the resolution condemning the May 20 presidential election in Venezuela would pass with 24 votes at the General Assembly. In fact, the resolution passed with only 19 votes.

Cabello said:

I remember a gentleman by the last name of Trujillo, who is the ambassador of the U.S. at the OAS, who ran his arrogant mouth and said that he had the 24 votes to kick Venezuela out of the OAS.

After those 24 votes, they got a crappy resolution in which 19 countries voted [in favour]–one less than they had before–another failure.

Doesn’t that Mr. Trujillo have a boss?

Cabello then launched into an attack of Trujillo and the rest of the OAS by saying:

Big-mouths, arrogant, cocky–that’s the cockiness of imperialism. We [Venezuela] are really small, but we’ve got a dignified people.

Cabello also turned his ire at OAS secretary general Luis Almagro, whom he called “inept”. He said:

They’re failures. Of course, you have to understand that OAS has failed because it’s headed by Luis Almagro, and Luis Almagro is incapable of leading anything. He’s completely inept. He’s been ordered many times to destroy Venezuela and he hasn’t been able to. They will fail a thousand and one times.

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