Former Miranda state governor and issued a call today for the Venezuelan opposition to regroup immediately and set out a clear path forward for the country, or simply give Maduro a victory on the May 20 presidential election.

In a message posted on his blog, Capriles said that the opposition had to hold an “urgent debate” to determine a proposed solution to the “worst crisis in our history”. Capriles lamented the fact that the opposition appears unable to “make collective decisions”, a fact he believes has paralyzed large sectors of the movement into inaction.

Capriles believes that “there is still time” to mount an effective challenge to the Maduro regime, but warned of the risk of “doing nothing and letting May 20 come and go”.

Capriles ran for president twice: once against Chavez in 2012, and once against Maduro in 2013. He was banned from running for political office for 15 years by the Maduro regime in April of last year.

Maduro Hints at “Reward” For Voting With Political ID

Speaking during a campaign rally yesterday, Maduro said that he was considering a “reward” for Venezuelans who present a PSUV-linked ID card as identification at their voting centre, rather than their national I.D. card as required by law.

In order to vote, Venezuelans are only required by law to present their cedula de identidad (“I.D. card”), which contains a number that is unique to each Venezuelan. Venezuelans can–and often–apply for the document at the age of nine, and typically use it as their primary form of identification to access government services for the rest of their lives.

The carneta de la patria (“Homeland I.D.”) is a documented that was created by the ruling PSUV party in January of last year. Unlike the cedula de identidad, the carnet de la patria is a highly politicized document, since it requires the holder to identify openly as a supporter of the ruling PSUV party. At the time of registration, individuals applying for a carnet de la patria are asked which party they support, and for whom they would vote in a presidential electioncol.

During his address yesterday, Maduro called on his supporters to vote with the carnet de la patria:

Everyone who has a carnet de la patria has to go vote on May 20… I’m thinking about giving a reward to the people of Venezuela who go out and vote on that day with the carnet de la patria. I’m thinking about it. For democracy. For liberty. Giving and giving. I’m getting by social rights to work, to study, to my pension, and I’m giving the homeland my vote. My political participation in liberty. My vote. My sovereignty. My will.

What do you think if we give a special price to the democratic people of Venezuela?

Given the brazenly political nature of the carnet de la patria, many Venezuelans have opted to not apply for the card as a form of defiance to Maduro and the PSUV.

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