Former Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles published an article on his website today in which he spoke on a variety of topics, including the Wide National Free Venezuela Front, an opposition initiative launched this week in an attempt to maintain pressure on the Maduro regime. The initiate aims to unite a large section of anti-government organizations, including traditional opposition parties as well as dissidentĀ chavistas and unions.

Capriles spoke in favour of the Front, suggesting that any measure that seeks to unite Venezuelans in their struggle against the regime is a positive one. Capriles said:

Once we are able to unite in a clear and shared objective, and organize ourselves, knowing that no one else can do for us what is up to us to do, and very importantly, guided by our constitution, then we will be able to get back on track to get out of the hole in which our beloved homeland finds itself.

The former governor also spoke on the goals of the Front, which he claims are to “channel social energy and discontent” towards the common goal of achieving political change in Venezuela. The task will not be an easy one, Capriles said:

The challenge ahead of us is to achieve the true participation of all Venezuelans in order to build a great font, made up of Venezuelans from the 1,135 parishes, 335 municipalities, and 23 estates of Venezuela. In every street, house, barrio and neighbourhood, residents can get organized.

Capriles also warned that the Front would no doubt come under intense criticism and scrutiny from a multitude of actors, but argued that these could be overcome as long as Venezuelans were able to remain united by “working above ideologies”.

Front to Stage Protest in Caracas Tomorrow

The Free Venezuela movement is set to stage its first protest tomorrow, outside of the United Nations (UN) offices in Caracas starting at 10:30 AM local time.

The protest was announced on Wednesday in order to put pressure on the United Nations to reject a call from the Maduro regime that it participate in the May 20 vote in the capacity of an electoral observer. According to regime critics, were the UN to participate in the vote, it might help to lend legitimacy to what is shaping up to be a rigged vote in favour of Maduro.

Maduro made the call for an observer mission directly to the UN’s secretary general, Antonio Guterres.

However, the UN was quick to reject the regime’s call. Stephane Dujarric, a spokesperson with the organization, said on Thursday:

The secretary general cannot send UN personnel to observe elections without a special mandate from the national assembly or the security council.

Tomorrow’s protest will be first one organized by the Venezuelan opposition since the anti-government protest movement of 2017 ended in July.

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