Yesterday, 18-year-old Alexandra Estefania Conopoi Herrera was shot and killed by a National Guard soldier after an altercation broke out at a food line in western Caracas. Alexandra was five months pregnant.

Alexandra’s mother, Euvardis Herrera, said today that she and her daughter was part of a group of approximately 60 residents who were waiting in line for subsidized pork to arrive at a local PSUV distribution centre. Euvardis corroborated an eye witness statement yesterday saying that the soldiers who attacked the residents were drunk. Euvardis said:

My neighbours and I saw when the soldiers came out of a liquor store drunk, and when they arrived at the distribution centre and saw the peopled there they started to insult them.

At that moment, Euvardis said, some of the residents began to chastise the soldiers for their behaviour. When a soldier named David Jose Rebolledo Cortez responded by firing his weapon into the air in order to disperse the crowd, a group of residents instead approached him to attempt to calm him down. It was at that moment that Rebolledo opened fire on the residents, killing Alexandra and injuring her cousin.

Rebolledo is now in custody. He is being charged with homicide and improper use of a firearm.

Maduro Looks Ahead to 2025

Maduro announced last night that a meeting will take place this weekend to lay out the PSUV’s vision for governing the country into the next presidential term, which extends from 2019 to 2025. The PSUV governing plans are called Plan de la Patria [Homeland Plan].

Maduro made the announcement in his typical manner of speech, making it difficult to discern that the meeting will actually look like. Below, his announcement:

Now that 2018 is beginning, I want to invite you all… so that we can make the Homeland Plan number two. I’m calling–and I’m doing this officially–together with all of the Bolivarian governors… together with all of the Bolivarian and revolutionary mayors, together with all of the revolution’s leadership and political forces… so that on Saturday January 6 and Sunday January 7 we can begin the process of building the Homeland Plan 2019-2025. I’m call on all Venezuela.

Maduro continued:

Let’s make a plan together. Let’s visualize the Venezuela of 2019-2025. Our priorities, our main goals. But let’s do it together. This governing plan that will govern our country from 2019 to 2025 has to be a plan that is written, thought of and made by all Venezuelans. It’s a popular plan. So that we can continue to build our socialist revolution of the 21st century.

According to constitutional term limits, there must be a presidential election this year. However, given to the Maduro regime’s tight grip on the National Electoral Council, the event is not guaranteed to take place.

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