A 22 year old law student named Nelson Daniel Arévalo Avendaño was killed this afternoon while protesting in Barquisimeto, Lara state.

El Impulso reports that Arevalo was participating in an anti-regime protest with a group of students when state authorities arrived at the scene. Arevalo was killed in the ensuring confrontation between the two sides, but it is not immediately clear what the exact cause of death was.

Below, two images of Arevalo. On the right, Arevalo is wearing a gas mask:

Joaquin Arevalo, Nelson’s brother, spoke to El Nacional on the shock of his brother’s death, saying:

I feel bad because I figured that he might have been arrested one day, not killed. You see it happening to other families, and when it happens to you it’s terrible.

Joaquin said that his brother was “a normal guy” who had a job and liked going to parties. On his brother’s commitment to the anti-regime protest movement, Joaquin said:

My mom always fought with him so that he wouldn’t go out onto the streets, but he still went out to protest (…) He told me that he would never leave the streets because we couldn’t resolve these issues through our phones or social media.

Arevalo becomes the 74th person to die from protest-related unrest since the anti-regime protest movement first took to the streets on April 1.

Maduro Announces Creation of Re-Education Camps for Protesters

Maduro announced on Wednesday that his government would create “peace labs” for youth who have been arrested for protesting in order to help “recover” them. While details on the “peace labs” are still scarce, they are likely to operate as re-education camps where individuals who cross the Bolivarian Revolution can be corrected.

According to Maduro, the first people to go through the “peace lab” will be 40 unnamed youth he claims were arrested while protesting violently. Maduro made the announcement by saying:

The 40 youth that we caught in the fact committing violence (…) we can put them in a special recovery plan, these first 40 young guarimberos [a derogatory term for “protesters], so that they can help us, and the peace laboratory will go look for these youths [sic].

Maduro also named Alexander Vargas as the head of this “special recovery plan”.

Authorities Raid Apartment Building in Maracaibo, Arrest 17

State security forces raided the Torres del Saladillo in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia state today and detained at 17 individuals for protest-related activities. The raid was conducted by over 100 officers from the SEBIN, the regime’s political police, as well as an unknown number of National Guard and National Bolivarian Police officers.

Witnesses at the scene say that the officers did not have a warrant to execute the raid, and that they fired tear gas inside the building.

Below, an image showing a large group of authorities congregating outside of the building in the early afternoon:

The video below captured the commotion inside the building as the raid took place:

Supreme Court Rejects Motion to Impeach Magistrates

The Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ), Venezuela’s top court, officially rejected a motion by attorney general Luisa Ortega Diaz seeking the impeachment of 8 of the court’s magistrates over what Diaz considers to be an ongoing break in the constitutional order of the country.

The decision was widely expected.

Attorney general Diaz has publicly taken a hard stance against the Maduro regime in recent weeks over ongoing human rights violations in the country as well as the imposition of the Constituent Assembly, a process that will result in a new national constitution and the likely solidification of the Maduro dictatorship in the country.

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