The results of a survey by the Datincorp polling firm released on the eve of the 60th day of consecutive anti-regime protests in the country suggests that Venezuelans may be willing to continue with street actions if it means getting rid of the Maduro government.

According to the survey, 79% of opposition supporters believe that demonstrators should remain on the streets of Venezuela if the regime fails to meet the demands of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD). The demands include general elections in 2017 and the release of all political prisoners in the country.

The same survey asked Venezuelans the three main reasons why they think the protests are taking place. 83% of them agreed that the three main reasons are: 1) To demand an end to the economic, healthcare and crime crisis, 2) to demand elections, 3) to demand the resignation or removal of Maduro from office.

Interestingly, only a slim majority (53%) of Venezuelans believe that general elections is the best solution to the country’s political crisis. The rest of the opinions are split into several responses, including “for Maduro to continue to govern” (12%), and “a national unity government” (12%).

The survey sampled 1,199 homes up to May 8 and is accurate within +/- 2.8%.

Chavez Minister: No Blank Cheque for Constituent Assembly Members

Maripili Hernandez, a journalist and Minister of Youth under Hugo Chavez, chimed in on Monday on the ongoing Constituent Assembly process. The elections for the assembly, which are slated to take place in July, will elect approximately 540 individuals who will then be tasked with drafting a new national constitution.

Hernandez, who is a high-profile chavista figure, said during an interview that aired on the Globovision network that the Maduro regime cannot give a “blank cheque” to the assembly’s members to draft a new constitution, “no matter how honest they are”.

For Hernandez, the matter comes down to the fact that Maduro is not putting the creation of the assembly is not being put up to a referendum vote, but simply being forced on the country by Maduro.

Hernandez also pointed out that it will be important to clarify how long the assembly will sit for, since giving its members the power to work on a new constitution indefinitely would be problematic.

Capriles, Paparoni Injured in Protest

Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles and National Assembly deputy Carlos Paparoni were  njured during protests in Caracas yesterday.

Capriles was allegedly beaten with a helmet by a National Guard soldier, and Paparoni was knocked to the ground when he was struck by a high-pressure water cannon at full blast from close range. Capriles said that him and his entourage were “ambushed”, beaten and robbed by National Guard soldiers during yesterday’s unrest in Caracas.


Note: I apologize for the late (and anemic) update. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I did not have internet access for the last 36 hours or so.

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