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Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz distanced herself further from the Maduro regime today by writing a letter to Elias Jaua, the high-ranking PSUV official in charge of Maduro’s “Communal Constituent Assembly”, in which she rejected the measure as unnecessary. The letter, which is dated May 17, was leaked to El Nacional today.

Calling the current crisis in the country “without precedent”, Diaz said that the constituent assembly would “generate a high level of uncertainty” in the country, leading to a generalized “lack of trust” in the Maduro regime.


Diaz also said that the measure, which Maduro argues is necessary to save the Bolivarian revolution, would instead lead to “the eventual loss of the gains made by the 1999 Constitution”, which was crafted under the watch of Hugo Chavez. Maduro’s proposal would result in a new Constitution that would replace that of 1999.

The attorney general summarized her views on the measure by saying:

… it is neither necessary, pertinent nor convenient…

The letter becomes the latest and most stinging rebuke of the Maduro regime by Diaz, who had until last month been one of the PSUV’s central pillars.

As attorney general, Diaz oversees the state’s prosecutorial apparatus. Her break with the regime appears to have precipitated the increased reliance on military tribunals to try detained protesters that has been observed over the past month or so.

MUD Hopes to Mark 50th Day of Protests in Force

The Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD), the country’s official opposition bloc, hopes to mark the 50th day of consecutive nationwide protests tomorrow with “the largest show of force that we have displayed until now”.

The announcement came via National Assembly deputy Juan Andres Mejia, who said that he hopes that tomorrow’s demonstrations will show the Maduro regime that the opposition is “more active than ever” as it extends its streak of street action to an unprecedented 50 days.

Mejia said that the MUD hopes that “millions” of Venezuelans will answer the MUD’s call and take to the streets of their cities and towns tomorrow. Mejia also said:

… we will all go out and march together throughout Venezuela to demand a resolution to the humanitarian crisis, [that the regime] open a humanitarian corridor so that all Venezuelans can find the medicine that they need.

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