For the fourth time in six days, violent protests rocked Venezuela today as the Maduro regime continued its iron-fisted crackdown of opposition demonstrations against the ongoing socio-political and economic crisis in the country.

Caracas saw the most violent unrest of the day, as National Guard and National Bolivarian Police officers repressed opposition protests around the city violently.

Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace revealed that at 18 people had been arrested during the day’s unrest in Caracas. He also criticized the media for showing “fake news about Venezuela”.

At the time of the writing of this update (7:00 PM EST time), the national media has not reported any fatalities from today’s unrest. Opposition authorities reported that at least 57 people were injured in Caracas alone, mostly from tear gas inhalation.

The image below shows a man injured in the protests. The man appears to be the one mentioned in this article by El Nacional as having being hit by a tear gas canister.in the head:

The image below shows protesters and tear gas clouds in the El Rosal neighbourhood:

A video showing protester activity in El Rosal:

In the Chacaito neighbourhood, protesters were dispersed at around the noon hour with tear gas:

El Rosal houses the offices of the Ministry of Penitentiaries. Throughout the day, armed men were seen on the rooftop of the building pointing weapons at the protesters nearby:

The image below is a closer shot of the one above, on the right (note the position of the flag relative to the man). The man is holding a shotgun, although it is not possible to tell if the shotgun fires rubber pellets or bullets:

The video below was shot by Roman Camacho, a renowned freelance journalist. Note the incoming volleys of tear gas canisters. Roman was hit by a tear gas canister while filming this and suffered a broken shin bone:

The unrest also affected the Altamira neighbourhood:

Tear gas clouds cover the Francisco Fajardo highway:

The video below shows two protesters fleeing security forces by crossing the Guarie river along some kind of tube:

Below, a crowd of protesters comes under fire from a tear gas volley:

The video below shows National Bolivarian Police officers in action somewhere in Caracas. A group of officers assaults a woman. An officer sprays her in the face with what is presumably some kind of pepper spray, and then the officers calmly walk away from her:

Below, two National Guard soldiers take time off to take a picture on the Francisco Fajardo highway in front of a guarimba, the colloquial name for a street barricade:

The video below was filmed in Mañongo, which is a suburb of Valencia in Caracas state. The rapid detonations suggest that firearms were being discharged (as opposed to tear gas canisters of rubber pellet shotguns):

Las Mercedes Clinic Attacked with Tear Gas; Baby Rushed Off-Site

The clinic the Las Mercedes neighbourhood found itself in the middle of a hot-spot of unrest today. The clinic was affected by the heavy presence of tear gas in the area.

The image below shows tear gas at the clinic’s entrance:

National Assembly deputy Delsa Solorzano was inside the clinic to film the event:

Woman (I don’t believe the woman speaking is Solorzano): … we’re in the clinic and we’re getting gassed. The protesters are still running. We’re getting gassed! [The authorities] don’t even respect [hospitals] anymore.

A newborn baby had to be rushed away from the hospital, presumably due to tear gas inhalation:

Man: Look at this! This is Venezuela! This is what we Venezuelans are living through. Fuck!

Tear Gas Dropped from Helicopter

In what appears to be a first for the Maduro regime, a helicopter — presumably operated by the National Guard — dropped a volley of tear gas onto a crowd of protesters in Caracas today.

Below, the video showing tear gas canisters dropping from the sky as a helicopter flies over a crow of demonstrators, sending them fleeing in panic:

The act appears to have been confirmed by the Maduro regime through comments made by People’s Defender Tareck William Saab. In a series of Tweets, Saab said:

We reject the dropping of objects from the air in order to disperse crowds. This could cause fatalities #HumanRights

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