Speaking at an event at the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas today, Maduro ordered a 50% raise in the salaries of doctors working for the public sector. He made the announcement at an event commemorating Doctors Day.

Maduro made the announcement by saying:

I have decided after speaking to you that it is necessary to order an increase to the salaries of the doctors in the country by 50% across the board, at all levels of public health in the country. [I must do this] in order to rescue the capacity of the salaries [sic] of healthcare workers.

During the same event, Maduro said that the country had to “build a new model of hospital care”. Without getting into specific detail, he said that healthcare in the country “has made great advances”, but that more work needed to be done.

The salary increase means that a doctor working at a public hospital will now earn Bs. 75,004.5 per month. At the current black market rate (Bs. 3209.13/USD), the figure equals approximately $23.40.

Venezuelan Medical Federation: Hospitals Experiencing 97% Scarcity

Douglas Leon Natera, the head of the Fedecarion Medica Venezolana [Venezuelan Medical Federation] (VMF), announced today that hospitals in the country today only have about 3% of the medicine and other supplies that they need to serve their patients.

Natera painted a grim picture of the effects that the chronic shortages are having on Venezuelans, saying:

The conditions in our hospitals are clinics are precarious. Venezuelans are dying by wasting away due to the lack of medicines in the pharmaceutical sector.

Natera also dismissed Maduro’s salary increase as essentially meaningless, saying that the country’s doctors are still making too little money to cover even the most basic expenses of a household.

Calling the country’s medical situation “unsustainable”, Natera also blamed poor regime policies for driving doctors away from the country.

Security Operations Leaves 8 Dead, 50 Detained in Caracas

A security operation in the El Valle parish of Caracas left eight people dead and at least 50 other detained after heavily-armed officers entered a neighbourhood in the area shortly after the noon hour. El Nacional reports that one of the casualties was a gang leader known as “Cara de Raton” (Mouse Face).

The newspaper also reports that the raid included officers from several agencies, including the National Bolivarian Police and the Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence. The targets of the raid―two gang leaders known as El Coqui and El Ruso―avoided capture.

Below, images of the raid:

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