The results of a survey by the Datanalisis polling firm released today reveal that 80.4% of chavista supporters believe that the situation in the country is “negative”, a finding that is likely to be disconcerting by a near-universally disliked Maduro regime.

The same survey found that among Venezuelans who support the opposition, 95.1% believe that the situation in the country is negative, while 97.5% of those who consider themselves independents believe the same.

When asked to rank the most difficult problem the country faces, the survey found the following:

  • Food scarcity (31.1%)
  • High cost of living (24.9%)
  • Insecurity (10.7%)

When asked about who they believe is responsible for the crisis affecting the country, 54.6% blame Maduro personally, while 15.3% blamed the PSUV government in general.

On the popularity of different political figures, the survey found that jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez enjoyed the most support (20.9%), while Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles came in second (16.5%) and Maduro in third (14.9%).

The survey was conducted at the end of January,with a sample size of 1,200 individuals, and has a confidence level of 95%.

PSUV Celebrates 25th Anniversary of February 4 Coup Attempt

On February 4, 1992, a then-unknown army office named Hugo Chavez led a group of rebellious army units in a failed attempt to overthrow the government of Carlos Andres Perez. The coup introduced Venezuelans to Hugo Chavez, and launched a career that would eventually result in his seizing of power by democratic means a mere six years later.

Chavez was arrested when his troops failed to achieve their objectives. In a moment of foreshadowing, Chavez gave a famous speech upon his arrest in which he explained that his movement’s objectives had not been achieved “por ahora” [“for the moment”]. Below, a video of Chavez’s comments upon his arrest that day, along with my translation:

Comrades: unfortunately, for the moment,we did not achieve the goals that we set out for ourselves in the capital. That means that we here in Caracas were not able to grab a hold of power.You [my soldiers] did a good job wherever you are, but now it’s time to avoid more bloodshed. It’s time to reflect, and more situations will arise [sic]. The country must definitely set a better course for itself.

Listen to my words. Listen to Commander Chavez and the message that he’s sending you: please reflect and lay your weapons down, because it is now truly impossible for us to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.

Anywhere between 130-300 people died during the February 4 coup attempt, and a subsequent attempt in November of that same year.

The continued crisis affecting the country and Maduro’s disastrous presidency have done a considerable amount of harm to Chavez’s legacy. A December 2016 poll from the Venebarometro polling firm found that 64.5% of Venezuelans blamed the collapse of the country’s socio-economic backbone on Chavez.

PSUV vice-president Diosdado Cabello spoke at a military parade in Caracas today commemorating the events of February 4. During his speech, Cabello said:

Dear comrades! On February 4, you, the fighters of that day that is so historic for all of us, you the soldiers, we the soldiers — all of us here — family, friends, we all remember that moment in an extraordinary way. We remember every instant of it, every moment, every situation that it brought us, even 25 years later (…) we’ve come here today to honour the greatest of all, our leader, our chief, our brother, our comrade, the great Hugo Chavez.

Cabello also called for unity within the PSUV in order to ensure the survival of Chavez’s legacy in Venezuela. Cabello said:

[We must] remain united before any circumstance and situation. This is the unity of the patriotic soldiers, the unity of our Armed Forces, the unity of our people in order to guarantee the homeland for which he went out to fight that February. If any of us is individually attacked, we could become easy prey for our attackers, [but] if we remain united they will not be able [to defeat us] today, tomorrow, or ever.

Maduro also issued a statement in commemoration of February 4. Through his official Facebook account, Maduro said:

On that glorious morning of that February 4, out of the pained silence of a people arose a brave rebel yell, full of patriotism and dignity in the face of the abuses that puntofijismo [the name given to the Venezuelan political order between 1958-1998] committed against the people.


The Bolivarian Revolution was born on February 4, and today we must maintain our rebel spirit in order to transform our homeland into the Glorious Venezuela that the Liberator [Simon Bolivar] dreamed of.

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