The Maduro regime has vowed to take “necessary action” against the Colombian government after comments made by the sister nation’s vice-president, German Vargas Lleras, in which he used a colloquial term to refer to Venezuelans living in Bogota.

On Wednesday, Vargas was in the Norte de Santander region of Colombian handing over government housing to the mayor of a town called Tibu. During the event, Vargas asked the mayor of Tibu to make sure that the houses went to Colombian citizens who had been displaced by internal turmoil in Caracas, and continued:

Don’t let the venecos [a term used in Colombia to mean “Venezuelan”], no matter what.

Vargas later clarified that all he meant to say was that since the homes were being build by the Colombian government for the express purpose of housing Colombian citizens, they could not be given to foreigners.

Today, the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a press release on the matter, which partially reads:

Mr. Vargas’ comments used an offensive, denigrating and ominous term used by oligarchs santanderistas to refer to the Venezuelan people, and contrasts – in a detrimental way – the solidarity and generosity that Bolivar and Chavez’s people have had towards the millions of Colombian brothers who have come to our soil to escape the horrendous violence and the unspeakable discrimination that these oligarchies unleashed in Colombia over centuries.

It is not clear at this time exactly which measures Venezuela might take on this issue.

Deputy Florido Files Formal Complaint at Public Ministry Over Harrassment

National Assembly deputy (MUD) Luis Florida filed a formal complaint at the Public Ministry in Caracas today, after immigration officials confiscated and annulled his passport on Friday upon his return to Venezuela from an official trip to the Dominican Republic. Florido said that he considers that his passport was stolen by the officials since they had no reason to detain him at the airport, specially due to the fact that he enjoys parliamentary immunity.

After filing the complaint today, Florido said:

This is state terrorism. I was the victim of a regime that does not respect parliamentary immunity.

Florido was returning to Venezuela on Friday after having attended the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in the Dominican Republic.


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