Maria Corina Machado is the head of the Vente Venezuela opposition party. Specially since Maduro came to power in 2013, Machado has been widely regarded as the most radical opposition leader due to her unrelenting position that Maduro heads a ruthless dictatorship.

Today, Machado spoke out against those who had called her message “exaggerated”, and pointed out that she had in fact been right all along.

Through her Twitter account, Machado said:

We’ve been warning the world for years about what this regime was trying to do. They called us exaggerated, radicals. Now, here it [the dictatorship] is: we fell short on our predictions. The hour has come.

Machado’s comment was accompanied by a link to an editorial from The Washington Post. The editorial is titled “Venezuela is lurching closer and closer to chaos”, and calls the crisis in Venezuela “a comprehensive breakdown of order unlike anything Latin America has seen in decades”.

2016 Legislative Wrap-Up: 11 Bills Struck Down

The National Assembly published an article in its official website yesterday in which it outlines the eleven bill that it passed this year which were subsequently struck down, either because Maduro ordered it so or because the PSUV-controlled Supreme Court found the unconstitutional for one reason or another.

In total, the National Assembly passed thirteen bills this year. Every single one of them was struck down by the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) except for two:

  1. The Nutritional and Medical Benefits for Retirees and Pensioners Law was reviewed by the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ), which found it to be constitutional. The bill was sent to Maduro’s desk so that he could sign it into law, but Maduro never did.
  2. The Law Regulating the Use of Cellphones in Prisons outlaws the use of cellphones by inmates in prisons. This is the only bill pass by the National Assembly that eventually became a law.

Gov’t: New Currency Arriving in Massive Quantities

The Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV) announced today that a new shipment of currency that was originally scheduled to arrive in early December landed at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in the overnight hours, bringing the total number of the new Bs. 500 bills in the country to 60 million.

The announcement was made by BCV vice-president Jose Khan, who also said that Venezuelans will be able to use the new bills very soon. While there is no concrete timetable for the introduction of the new bills into circulation, they were originally scheduled to be distributed on December 15.

Khan also said that a new set of coins was due to arrive on December 29, and that they would enter circulation along with the new bills in the early part of January.

Despite the chaotic delay in the introduction of the new currency, Khan praised the government’s efforts to bring in the new bills and coins “in record time”.

The fact that the government missed the December 15 deadline to introduce the new currency, coupled with the disastrous end of the Bs. 100 bill, resulted in several days of rioting and looting throughout the country as desperate Venezuelans suddenly found themselves without cash.

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