Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace Nestor Reverol held a press conference today in which he explained the reason behind Maduro’s surprise announcement yesterday to remove all Bs. 100 bills – by far the most common in the country – from circulation within 72 hours. During the press conference, Reverol outlined a byzantine system of currency manipulation he claims is simultaneously responsible for the collapse of the Venezuelan economy and the source for Maduro’s announcement yesterday.

The massive conspiracy that Reverol outlined involves the United States government, unnamed non-governmental organizations, as well as the governments of several European countries. Reverol claims that these agents, through the use of local organized crime organizations, are taking Venezuelan Bs. 100 bills out of the country and warehousing them in several European countries to be repatriated at a later time.

The speech contained an extraordinary amount of unsubstantiated and far-fetched claims, even by the standards of the Venezuelan government.

Below, Reverol’s comments along with my translation:

Reverol: To the entire country: good morning. We are here today at the headquarters of the National Anti-Drug Agency on the orders of our President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, who has instructed us to meet today with the presidents of the different banks that operate in Venezuela as well as with all other officials and the new head of the superintendency for banks of the National Financial Intelligence Unit in order to talk about everything related to the economic emergency decree and the measures taken yesterday on the Bs. 100 bill.
As a result of an investigation on the loss of these Bs. 100 bills, we have determined that cash is fleeing our country. We have investigated the extraction of large quantifies of cash – topping Bs. 3 billion – from our nation, through non-governmental organizations that have been hired by the United States Treasury Department – the North American [U.S.] government – with the goal of removing money from our country and asphyxiate the national banking system [and] the circulation of the circulating money [sic] and of course to leave our country without money in circulation.

These NGOs hire organized crime groups that have taken the money out through Colombia in large quantities towards Europe and Asia, specifically — our investigation has found that these large quantities of money have been deposited in warehouses in Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic. These NGOs figure out ways to hire organized crime [units] in order to remove large quantities of our money from our country to leave us without liquidity. This is part of a financial coup d’etat against our country. This is part of the economic war that is taking place against the government that is headed by our president, Nicolas Maduro.

These operations have also taken place in other countries like Iraq and Libya, where they attack the money and create a crisis in order to overthrow the government as part of a non-conventional war. This war has to do with the bankruptcy of the financial sector, and of course has taken place in other countries — Venezuela — but also in other countries, in what they call “Operation Redemption”. These are target countries, and they’re looking to choke their financial systems.

Next: of course, North American organizations plan – through NGOs – this financial coup so that, through the economic war, our country is choked thereby creating a general malaise in the country.

Here is the evidence of the large quantities of money in various European places [pictures of Bs. 100 bills flash on the screen]. They are being warehoused in Europe, as clearly evidenced by — here you can see a newspaper from one of these European countries with the date which is evidence that this money is there on that date. We also have videos which we’re archiving as part of the investigation, which is necessary to link this with the organized crime units. Here, you can see how there are large sums of money warehoused outside of the country.

These NGOs hire organized crime units to take money out of our country with the promise that once the government falls, the money will be brought back; and for every bill that comes back, [the NGOs/organized criminals] are paid between 80 cents to $1.30. These people have this money under custody, and that’s why our president Nicolas Maduro Moros has taken this decision, so that this money cannot return to Venezuela. And that’s why we have taken every security measure alongside the Army and all police bodies in order to guard the land, water and air in order to safeguard against the clandestine repatriation of this money so that it can be brought into the banking system again. That’s why we’ve called this meeting today: to inform you of the legal responsibility that you have to the Law Against Organized Crime and Terrorist Financing. This is terrorist financing and organized crime, and they will be punished as such.

it’s also important to highlight the amount of money that is in Colombia. It’s there illegally. Every Venezuelan or foreigner who takes Bs. 100 to Colombia automatically gets Bs. 120. This is also part of this destabilizing plan. This is why, from now on, we have established — or we are going to establish — more mechanisms to report suspicious activity with the National Financial Intelligence nit, which starting from today will begin a process of restructuring to become a strategic intelligence unit to act as an early warning system for the national banking system.

This is why we are going to continue to strengthen the necessary measures to guarantee peace in our country and in our government. At this time, we’re holding a meeting at the Venezuelan Central Bank in order to establish the procedural mechanisms that have to do with this announcement from our president, Nicolas Maduro Moros. Tomorrow, we are going to deploy a security operation for banks, the transport of goods and control checkpoints around the country in order to guarantee the security of this measure that is being taken as a result of the economic emergency decree.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

Maduro Orders Border with Colombia Closed for 72 Hours

As part of the ongoing battle against the international conspiracy against the Venezuelan economy, Maduro ordered the entire border with Colombia closed for the next 72 hours to prevent the flow of Venezuelan currency into the neighbouring country.

Maduro called the measure “one of the first in a series” of announcements that he will make over the next few days “to defend our Bolivar”.

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