Maduro spoke in a televised address today in which he tackled a variety of topics, including the so-called “cybernetic attack” against the country’s point-of-sales terminals last Friday. That day, the company that operates debit and credit card machines in Venezuela – Creditcard – experienced a technical outage that knocked out the machines in the country for most of the day.

While the company claimed that the outage was due to an undisclosed technical problem, Maduro has asserted that the outage was a planned attack against Venezuela, although he has not offered any kind of evidence to back up his claim.

During his speech today, Maduro said that the attack was orchestrated by the relatives of National Assembly President Henry Ramos Allup. Maduro said:

Some of those responsible for the cybernetic attack against Creditcard are relatives of deputy Ramos Allup. I’ve got to say it.

Maduro did not provide any evidence to back up his claim.

As one of the top opposition figures in the country, Allup has often become the focus of Maduro’s angry and often incoherent tirades. Most infamously, Maduro called Allup “an old motherfucker” during a televised speech before a crowd of supporters in Caracas on September 1.

Maduro also called for a massive demonstration in Caracas for December 17, and called the event Caracas Libre [Free Caracas]. Maduro said that the demonstration was part of his “anti-coup plan”, and continued by saying:

Let’s walk toward December 17 in a demonstration that says “Free Caracas” [sic]. Let’s get ready for every possible scenario, and for peace and stability to triumph.

Maduro: National Assembly Should be Dissolved

During the same speech, Maduro said that he would like to see the National Assembly dissolved after today’s parliamentary session was temporarily suspended due to a lack of quorum.

After calling the National Assembly deputies “bums”, Maduro said:

The National Assembly once again failed to meet quorum. The law says that if you don’t show up to work three times you have to get fired (…) What can we do with the National Assembly? Fire them immediately! Dissolve it!

The National Assembly has been a thorn at Maduro’s side all year, given the fact that it is controlled by an opposition supermajority. As a result, the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) – Venezuela’s top court – has struck down every law that the legislature has passed this year, and went as far as to declare it in contempt in July, preemptively nullifying every one of its future actions.

Allup: Dialogue is Dead

National Assembly President Henry Ramos Allup declared the PSUV-opposition dialogue officially “dead”, and confirmed that the party which he heads – Accion Democratica (AD) – would no longer be a part of the process.

Allup made the comments during the daily interview show Vladimir a la 1, saying:

I think that the dialogue is absolutely dead. There’s no reason to stay there [at the dialogue table]. It has failed as an event. We took the chance at a huge political cost.

On the possibility that other opposition parties might want to continue their involve with the dialogue, Allup said that it was their right to do so and that he was sure that they had good reasons to do so.

On the possibility that Maduro might be trying to pin the alleged “cybernetic attack” against Creditcard last week on him, Allup said:

They can investigate whatever they want. If they find algun cable pelado [literally, “a stripped wire”] on me, then they can send me to jail.

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