In his first public address since the drug trafficking conviction of his two nephews, Maduro refused to even acknowledge the event and instead launched into the same types of disjointed tirades for which he is famous.

Maduro spoke on television in a special airing of his En Contacto Con Maduro from the city of La Victoria in Aragua state. Maduro spoke on a number of issues, including the country’s relationship with the United States and an upcoming lawsuit against National Assembly deputy Henry Ramos Allup.

Maduro began the show by dedicating it to President Barack Obama by saying:

Venezuela’s heart is indestructible. I dedicate this show to Barack Obama. You weren’t able to take on Venezuela and you never will, Obama.

President Obama is currently in Peru attending the APEC Summit. During a press conference there, President Obama was asked about the situation in Venezuela, to which he replied that “repressive” governments that “silence critics”, and said that those types of governments tend to collapse along with their economies.

Maduro took offence to the comments, and said:

[Obama] has gone to Peru to talk nonsense. He’s come to South America to speak ill of Venezuela. They are worthless. They haven’t been able to handle Venezuela, and they never will!

He also spoke on Donald Trump’s recent electoral win in the US, and appeared to display a profound lack of knowledge on Trump’s entire campaign platform and on who he is as a human being. Maduro said:

We respect the decision of the people of the United States. The people of the United States have set their course. I think that their course is now looking for the course of the peoples of the world: to end wars, interventionism, and the false and destructive free market.

Trump – a billionaire real estate and media mogul – has built his entire life in exactly the kind of “false and destructive free market” Maduro appears to believe Trump stands against. Aside from his undeniable affinity for the free market, Trump has made numerous public statements to the media outlining his favourable outlook on war, saying at one point that he would use nuclear weapons on Europe because “it is a big place”.

Maduro Invites Mark Zuckerberg to Venezuela

During the same show, Maduro spoke on the important role that social media platforms play in spreading news. On that matter, Maduro invited Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to visit him in Venezuela.

Maduro said:

We have to be the champions of social media. The main social media network that exists today is called Facebook(…) we are inviting [Zuckerberg] to come to Venezuela soon.

Maduro also spoke on his vision for social media in the broader context of human communications, saying:

[We must be] the best when it comes to the little videos, with he words, with the thing, with this and that (…) From the media to the [social] networks to spread the truth (…) and from the networks to the walls. Why? I say “walls” and streets because communication must be fundamentally human (…) knock on the door, look for the human being house-to-house with a message, with the truth.

Maduro on Allup: “That Old Man is Crazy”

Maduro also stated as a fact that National Assembly President Henry Ramos Allup is the target of an imminent lawsuit for “mental insanity”. Maduro first announced the existence of the lawsuit two days ago.

Maduro’s latest explanation of the alleged lawsuit did little to clarify its nature or cause. Maduro said:

[They are going to] sue Mr. Ramos Allup nationally and internationally for mental insanity and instigating hate, violence, death, for instigating social racism. A lawsuit over the violation of basic coexistence rights.

While admonishing the opposition for being “hateful”, Maduro launched into an angry tirade against Allup, saying:

If you ask me, that old man is crazy. He’s loco e’bola [this is a vulgar expression that has no direct translation in English. Very roughly, it means, “he’s nuts”], mad with hatred, mad with revanchism, and the whole opposition bears responsibility for putting him there [as National Assembly president].

Maduro Dances for Youth During Show

Maduro took a bit of time during his show to engage in the latest dance craze in Venezuela: the punto, palito y gozo. The phrase translates literally into “point, stick and enjoy”, and describes the steps of the dance move, which involves placing one’s hands in front as if grabbing a stick and then gyrating one’s hips.

Below, a video of Maduro dancing:

Maduro: [Finishes dancing] It’s more or less like that, right? That was my first try. Punto, palito, and I enjoy it. That’s the dance of the revolutionary and happy youth of Venezuela. I’m sorry, Ignacio.

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