I will not have reliable internet access until June 25. As a result, the daily updates will not be as thorough as usual. I apologize.

National Assembly MUD deputy Delsa Solorzano announced yesterday that 326,381 signatures had been verified as part of the recall referendum effort against Maduro, well over the 197,271 required by the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE).

However, the MUD is not yet declaring victory due to a CNE requirement that is not found in any legislation or regulation.

Prior to the start of the verification stage, the CNE announced that in order for the recall process to go ahead, the opposition would have to verify the signatures of at least 1% of registered voters in each state. The CNE’s own internal regulations make no mention of such a requirement, and the announcement was widely understood to be meant as an obstacle with the hope of derailing the entire referendum.

As of yesterday, the opposition had managed to verify at least 1% of signatures in each state except one: Nueva Esparta, where the MUD is short 99 signatures going into the last day of verification.

Alfredo Diaz, the mayor of the Mariño municipality in Nueva Sparta, said earlier today that he was confident that the MUD would reach its goal in the state today.

June 24 marks the anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo, in which Simon Bolivar’s forces defeat a Spanish force to end the War of Independence. Noting the auspicious nature of the day, Diaz said:

Today, the day of the Battle of Carabobo, Nueva Esparta will see a historic day.

Solorzano made a plea to the chief CNE officer in Nueva Esparta, Joe Uzcategui:

Citizens have the right to verify their signatures. To Mr. Joe Uzcategui: I ask you as a mother and as a citizen to respect the people of Venezuela, respect the land of the Virgin [Mary] of the Valley [the patroness of Margarita island and let people exercise their right.

Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles traveled to Margarita Island today – which is located in Nueva Esparta state – to help ensure that the state meets its signature requirements.

Allup: Gov’t “Bipolar” at OAE

National Assembly President Henry Ramos Allup called the government’s stance at the Organization of American States (OAS) “bipolar” because it fluctuates wildly between two extremes depending on what it does.

Speaking at a press conference from Washington, D.C. yesterday, Allup said:

The Venezuelan government has a bipolar position at the OAS. Whenever the organization does something that fits its purposes they say, “The OAS is great!”, but when it does something that is likely to influence Venezuela’s interests, they say that the OAS doesn’t work and claim that it’s meddling.

Allup called yesterday’s discussion over the crisis in Venezuela at the OAS a “very productive day for Venezuelan democracy”, since he believes that the continent’s nations are now acutely aware of the situation in the country.

On the ongoing efforts to sit down with the PSUV to arrange a peaceful solution to the crisis in the country, Allup said that he believes that the modern world requires “dialogue or death”, but that at the same time compromises had to be made for dialogue to be meaningful:

You can’t [dialogue] with your hands tied, with facilitators and an agenda that is imposed upon you by one of the parties. Instead, everything has to be mutually agreed upon previously, and above all else take care that the dialogue produces results.

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