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The Datanalisis polling firm released the results of a survey yesterday indicating that 63.2% of Venezuelans would vote to recall Maduro from office if the referendum were to take place now. The poll also found that only 20.8% of Venezuelans support Maduro staying in power.

More results from the same poll:

  • 94.6% qualify the country’s current situation as “negative”, while only 5.3% qualify it as “positive”.
  • When asked about the issue of food stock in the country, 93.6% qualify the situation as “negative”, while only 5.4% quality it as “positive”.

Datanalisis also asked Venezuelans about their level of confidence in the country’s different institutions. The poll found:

  • 59.9% have a negative opinion of the National Armed Forces, while 33.8% have a positive opinion.
  • 58.4% have a positive opinion of the National Assembly, while 36.9% have a negative opinion.
  • 66.4% have a negative opinion of the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), while only 27.8% have a positive opinion.
  • 62.4% believe that the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) is overstepping its abilities to limit the power of the National Assembly.

When asked about individual political leaders, the poll found the following:

  • 74.2% have  negative opinion of Maduro, while only 23.3% have a positive opinion. 76.9% say that they have little or no confidence in Maduro.
  • 56% have a positive opinion of Miranda state governor and leading opposition figure Henrique Capriles, while 36.2% have a negative opinion.
  • 60.3% have a positive opinion of National Assembly president Henry Ramos Allup, while 32.8% have a negative opinion.

On political parties, the poll found:

  • 58.6% have a positive opinion of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD), the country’s opposition bloc.
  • 23.9% have a positive opinion of the Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV), the government party. 10.6% of respondents said that the PSUV is going a good job at running the country.

The poll sampled 1,000 people between May 18-25.

Cabello: We Will “Take to the Streets” if Necessary

PSUV Vice-President and National Assembly deputy Diosdado Cabello gave a speech today in which he said that “the people” would take to the streets if necessary to “defend the revolution”. Cabello said that the opposition is trying to get Maduro out of office so that a foreign power – presumably the United States – can “invade” Venezuela.

Cabello said:

We are obligated – because the people trust the Bolivarian revolution – to stop the violent ones from assuming the vanguard (…) They [the opposition] hate this people (…) If we have to take to the streets to defend the revolution with our lives, we will do so gladly.

Cabello – whose full name is Diosado Cabello Rondon – also said:

They won’t be able to take on this people. The right wing will never again govern this country. They won’t govern even for one instant (…) let the right wing do whatever they want; Rondon has not yet joined the fight. When it’s Rondon’s turn to fight, we will meet on the streets. We will meet wherever you want.

Cabello also said that the people who take to the streets in protest over the lack of food and general decay of the country are not actual protesters, but rather “mafias [and] criminal gangs” organized by the opposition to give the appearance of popular unrest.

Foreign Policy: Argentina Sold Opp. Out for Diplomatic Points

An article published on Foreign Policy yesterday suggests that Argentina is throwing its diplomatic weight behind the Maduro government at the Organization of American States (OAS) in return for diplomatic points at the United Nations.

The article points out that Argentina’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Susana Malcorra, is planning to run for the position of Secretary General of the United Nations. In order to be in the running, Malcorra needs one Security Council member to back her campaign: VenezuelaForeign Policy believes that Argentina has made a “deal with the devil”: Argentina will oppose any move at the OAS to sanction Venezuela, and Venezuela will back Malcorra’s candidacy for Secretary General and the U.N.

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