At an event celebrating his mandate at a stadium in Caracas earlier today, Maduro announced that his government would launch a lawsuit against the country’s opposition bloc, the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD) on Monday.

While it’s not entirely clear exactly why Maduro is launching the lawsuit, it appears as if it is in relation to the 600,000 signatures the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) disqualified over the past month as part of the recall referendum process against him. Maduro said:

It’s really serious that these right wing politicians presented this rotten package with 600,000 garbage signatures again. This results in legal, penal, and administrative responsibilities.

Maduro announced the lawsuit by saying:

Jorge Rodriguez informs me that the national movements will go ahead and launch a judicial lawsuit at the proponents [the MUD] for falsifying their signatures. A judicial charge! A legal charge! A constitutional charge! An institutional charge!

Jorge Rodriguez followed Maduro’s announcement by saying:

On Monday, we’re going to the [Supreme Court] to sue the whole [signature collection process]. If 31% of signatures are defective, how can we authorize this [recall] for a political party? All those punks had to do was collect 1% of signatures.

Over a period lasting more than a month, the CNE disqualified slightly over 600,000 signatures for a host of reasons, including if the signature was written in cursive and was difficult to read, or if the form on which the person signed did not clearly and unequivocally read “Nicolas Maduro” in block letters.

The CNE only required 197,000 signatures, but the MUD collected over 2 million. At the end of the verification process, the CNE verified approximately 1.3 million signatures as being valid.

CNE Validates Deceased Gang Lord’s Signature

After news yesterday that the CNE had invalidated the signatures of prominent opposition figures like Henrique Capriles and Leopoldo Lopez, media reports surfaced today showing that the electoral body had validated the signature of Jose “El Picure” Torrealba, a notorious gang leader who was killed in a confrontation with authorities on May 3.

While it’s not entirely clear if El Picure actually signed in favour of the recall referendum against Maduro in the days prior to his death, Libertador municipality mayor Jorge Rodriguez said today that the national I.D. number attached to El Picure’s signature was a stolen one, apparently casting doubt on the signature’s authenticity.

National Assembly MUD deputy Juan Carlos Caldera called on the national government to explain why El Picure was allegedly in possession of a stolen national identity card at the time of his death.

Torrealba: CNE Wants Violence

The head of the MUD, Jesus Torrealba, said today that he believes that the CNE leadership is deliberately trying to instigate violence in the country. As evidence, he presented comments made by the CNE’s head, Tibisay Lucena, who said yesterday that the recall referendum process would be suspended if there was any kind of disorder or unrest in the country.

Torrealba said:

Lucena, when you threaten to suspend the process if there’s any kind of unrest, you’re starting a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Torrealba also said he considered it “grotesque” that the CNE had disqualified 600,000 signatures, and that he thinks that the move is clearly intended to demoralize people and disenfranchise them from the recall referendum process.

Maduro Goes on Tirade Against Almagro

At the event in his honour earlier today, Maduro launched into a bizarre tirade against the head of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, over his continued efforts to denounce his government at the regional body.

Maduro dared Almagro to continue his efforts and to collaborate with the MUD to defeat him, saying:

If they want, they can bring Almagro dressed like Rambo and Superman, wearing his underwear on top [of his pants, like Superman]. I’m waiting for you here, Almagro! You’re ridiculous! Imagine Almagro all fat, dressed like Rambo, wearing his underwear on top.

Maduro also said:

History will absorb you into the hell of traitors, Almagro, you piece of garbage.

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