In a speech from the Fuerte Tiuna military barracks in Caracas, Maduro announced a “mega” expansion of the Operacion para la Liberacion del Pueblo (OLP), a security initiative that has seen increased security forces presence in communities particularly hard-hit by crime. Maduro announced that the OLP would be deployed throughout the country.

Maduro said:

I have decided – after holding council with Bolivarian governors and our Bolivarian mayors – to prepare how to activate over the next few days, a jornada nacional [meaning, “national deployment”], a mega-deployment of the OLP that will get to the bottom of the criminal, para-militarized bands in all the states, in the entire national territory.

SEBIN Agents Raid Chacao Police Headquarters

Agents from the Servicio Bolivariana de Inteligencia Nacional [National Bolivarian Intelligence Service) (SEBIN) raided the offices of the Chacao Municipal Police early this morning, apparently as part of the investigation into the murder of retired major general Felix Velasquez on Saturday. Velasquez was the former commander of the national militia.

The raids follow allegations by national authorities that two Chacao police officers were involved in Velasquez’s murder. Minister of the Interior,

Chacao’s mayor, Ramon Muchacho, sent a message to his constituents addressing the raid, saying:

Dear neighbours: just a quick message to inform you that I am at the Chacao Police headquarters with Vice-Minister of the Interior and Justice to guarantee that our police maintains itself fully operational and that it comes out strengthened from this process. We will continue to provide more information throughout the day. Remain calm and united. Greetings to everyone.

Capriles: Gov’t “Killed” The Dialogue

Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles said today that the national government “killed” any hope for a meaningful debate with the opposition this weekend when it vetoed allowing MUD figure Carlos Vecchio from participating in the process.

Capriles also suggested that a rumour that leaked out onto the media this weekend saying that the MUD and the national government had met in secret in Punta Cana was a government lie.

Capriles said:

They killed the dialogue over the weekend by lying about the meeting and vetoing Carlos Vecchio.

On the supposed Punta Cana meeting,Capriles appeared to suggest that some kind of event did in fact take place over the weekend in the Dominican Republic, but that the two sides never actually met each other while there:

Those representing the opposition and the government never saw each other’s faces.

The PSUV said yesterday that it would not sit down for dialogue with the MUD if its team included Carlos Vecchio. Vecchio is the current leader of the Voluntad Popular party, and fled the country in 2015 after authorities arrested the party leader at the time, Leopoldo Lopez.

CNE Cancels Meeting with MUD

The Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) cancelled a meeting they had scheduled for tomorrow with the MUD.

The cancellation of the meeting, which was supposed to address the recall referendum against Maduro, was announced by Henriqe Capriles.

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