PSUV and opposition supporters are scheduled to take to the streets of Caracas tomorrow in support of their respective sides on the issue of the recall referendum against Maduro.

The Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD) called for a demonstration tomorrow on early Wednesday afternoon, following the failed march to the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) headquarters in Caracas. The PSUV followed later in the day with its own calls for a demonstration, which it chose to also schedule for Saturday.

Opposition supporters will congregate on the Casanova Avenue in the west of Caracas. There, MUD representatives are expected to give details on a series of street protests to place pressure on the CNE to carry out the recall referendum as soon as possible.

Opposition National Assembly deputy Stalin Gonzalez spoke on the purpose of the protests, saying:

We will continue to mount organized, peaceful pressure, demanding that which is in the Constitution.

At the same time, the PSUV and its supporters will march to the Diego Ibarra Plaza, where Maduro is expected to talk about the “socialist and communal economic motor”, an economic initiative.

Maduro Calls for Action Against MUD “Clowns”

Maduro spoke on the state-owned VTV television network last night, and said that any opposition leader who called for violence should face Venezuelan justice. Maduro also said that the opposition leadership were “provocateurs” and “clowns”.

Speaking on the country’s private media, Maduro lashed out at the fact that according to him, none of the privately-owned outlets broadcast his speech on Wednesday or the PSUV march in Caracas.

Maduro suggested that the opposition was trying to “put on a show” by trying to initiative violence by “attacking public authorities”. He continued with a threat, saying:

I’m sure the Public Ministry is taking note of all of this, and there will be judicial action against those who promote violence. There must be judicial action to guarantee peace against all of those who would call for violence, actively promote violence, in a direct manner, in an indirect manner, in any form and manner.

AN To Eliminate Presidential Reelection

The opposition-controlled National Assembly introduced an amendment today to a proposed constitutional reform project in the works that would make it impossible for the President of the Republic to be re-elected. Currently, the president can be re-elected once.

The constitutional reform project seeks to tweak articles 233 and 230 of the Constitution, including an amendment that would make a successful recall referendum on the sitting president within the first five years of his or her presidency automatically trigger elections.

PSUV Governor: Cut Off Assistance For Recall Supporters

The governor of Nueva Esparta state, Carlos Mata Figueroa, made comments today echoing those of PSUV vice-president Diosado Cabello, saying that any management-level government officials who signed in support of the recall referendum against Maduro should be fired from their jobs.

Figueroa said:

Whoever signed and has a management-level job must be fired, and quickly. I’m telling you that this list with your name and last name is coming, because this is a public matter. This isn’t a secret.

Figueroa’s assertion that the list of those who signed in favour of the referendum will be made public stands in direct contradiction to comments by Consejo Nacional Electoral rector Socorro Hernandez yesterday. Hernandez said during a televised interview that the CNE had no plans to publish the list of signatures.

Figueroa took the threat of action against referendum supporters further, saying that any Venezuelan who signed in favour of the measure should not receive any kind of social assistance from the government:

Whoever signed and [is also] on the list to receive a home cannot receive a home. How can they be given homes if they don’t want any of that?

Gov’t Announces Price Changes to 18 Products

Vice-President of the Economy Miguel Perez Abad announced today that 18 basic necessities would begin to see changes to their government-set prices in the near future. While Abad did not say when or by how much the prices would change, he did say that the alternations would be announced progressively.

The products are split into two camps: food and medicine. The food camp includes staples such as chicken, beef, powdered milk, corn flour, and pasta. The medicine camp includes ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), bromazepam (Lectopam) and carbamazephine (Tegretol)

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