Yesterday, the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ), the nation’s top court, issued a ruling declaring another law passed by the opposition in the National Assembly unconstitutional. The court struck down the Ley de Otorgamiento de Titulos de Propiedad a Beneficiarios de la Gran Mision Vivienda y Otros Programas Habitacionales del Sector Publico [Law Granting Property Titles to Subsidized Housing Tenants], which the National Assembly passed on April 13.

Currently, individuals who live in subsidized housing units have no ownership rights to their homes. The opposition was concerned that the PSUV was using this fact as a blackmail tool to force some of the country’s poorest citizens to vote for the party or face eviction. The opposition hoped to eliminate the possibility of this tactic being employed by granting tenants outright ownership over their units through this law.

The TSJ issued the ruling following a request by Maduro to review the constitutionality of the law.

In its ruling, the TSJ explained that it considers the law to pose unjustifiable harm to the right to live in a dignified home, and that this right supersedes the right to own property. According to the TSJ:

The law contravenes the ends of the democratic and social right to justice by not guaranteeing that the exercise of the progressive right for families [to live in] a dignified shelter take priority over the right to own property, by proposing that these units enter the speculation market to favour those who control the same to the detriment of those who merit the strengthened protection by the State.

The ruling also states that the National Assembly overstepped its boundaries by legislating on an issue that is ultimately between the Maduro and the subsidized housing beneficiaries.

The TSJ has declared every single law the National Assembly has passed since the start of the legislative term in January, save one: a law regarding nutritional and medical aid to retirees and pensioners.

Maduro: Enemies Seeking to Isolate Venezuela

Maduro spoke from a meeting with his economic team at the Miraflores Palace earlier today to assure Venezuelans that the government was working hard to mitigate the “economic war and diplomatic war that seek to isolate our homeland”.

Maduro explained that the Vice-President of the Economy, Miguel Perez Abad, met with UNASUR head Ernesto Samper recently in order to discuss plans to “defeat the boycott and the economy war”.

The central pillar of the PSUV’s narrative regarding the economic situation in the country is that Venezuela’s foreign and domestic enemies are waging an “economic war” on the country. While the specifics of the economic war have never been clearly explained, it nevertheless servers as the national government’s go-to explanation for the problems facing the country.

Maduro explained that the best way for the Venezuelan economy to move forward is to start rely on its people to star producing again:

[We must] produce, modify and transform food distribution systems with the people’s power as essential elements to get over this emergency and the economic crisis.

“El Topo” Killed In Raid

Jamilton Andres Ulloa Suarez, a.k.a. “El Topo”, was killed by security forces yesterday in Bolivar state. Suarez was the alleged mastermind of the Tumeremo massacre 57 days ago, in which at least 17 miners were executed in what appears to be a fight over mineral-rich territory.

Suarez’s body was taken to Caracas, where his identify was confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Peace.

Suarez was 43 years old, and was born in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador.

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