Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez said during a televised interview today on the Televen network that there was coup d’etat happening at the moment against the Maduro government.

Padrino Lopez made the comments after the Jose Vicente Rangel asked him if it was possible for a coup to take place in Venezuela.

Below, a video of Padrino’s comments along with my translation:

Jose Vicente Rangel: Is there a possibility of a coup d’etat [taking place}?

Vladimir Padrino Lopez: There is a coup underway, as President Maduro has already pointed out. It’s enough to see the international reaction and the way that the media corporations act, along with the reactions from the different clubs – the Madrid Club, etc. The European Parliament, the United States spokespersons, by President Obama himself. When he’s given the green light by saying that this is an illegitimate government, and that we Venezuelans deserve a legitimate government — a more legitimate government. That’s a coup d’etat that is underway. You have to see it: from the outside, and with its internal connections already.

The PSUV has maintained since at least 2014 that Venezuela is the victim of a permanent coup d’etat carried out by a long list of foreign and domestic enemies, including the United States, Spain, Colombia, the Venezuelan community in Miami, as well as the opposition inside the country.

Padrino Lopez: Army Not Propping Up Maduro

Speaking on the widespread perception that one of the main reasons why the Maduro government is still in power despite a worsening economic crisis and an approval rating of only 15% is that the military is propping up the administration, Padrino Lopez said:

The government is propped up by a popular election by the people.

Padrino Lopez also called any suggestion that the armed forces were involved in maintaining Maduro in power “perverse”.

Allup: Gov’t Hates Polar Because It Works

National Assembly President Henry Ramos Allup took to Twitter today to give his opinion on the PSUV’s constant attacks against Polar Enterprises, the largest privately-owned company in the country.

In a series of tweets, Allup said:

The reason why the regime hates Polar is due to the contrast: Polar works and produces [things], and the regime doesn’t work, steals and only produces evil.

The only thing this regime produces is crime. Everything it touches it either steals or destroys.

Allup also spoke directly to Polar’s warning that it would be forced to shut down its breweries starting on April 29 since the government has yet to approve the foreign currency it has requested to purchase and import raw materials for beer production. Allup said:

Why does it matter that Polar will close two beer breweries? It’ll only lose 10 thousand direct jobs and 30 thousand indirect jobs. For now.

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