A day after announcing that the entire country would experience rolling blackouts lasting four hours starting on Monday, Minister of Electrical Energy Luis Motta Dominguez clarified today that the measure would not affect Caracas. However, Dominguez also said that he was not ruling out expanding the rationing into the city in the future:

Even though we will not apply the [rolling blackouts to] the Greater Caracas area, our plan contains an “Annex A” section which includes each of the municipalities in the Greater Caracas Area, in case electrical consumption in any one of these municipalities is not efficient. In that case, the [rolling blackouts] will be applied to that municipality….

Dominguez did not provide any kind of explanation by what exactly he meant by “efficient” energy consumption.

The last time that the national government employed rolling blackouts in Caracas to save electricity was in 2010. The measure lasted exactly one day, as the lack of electricity plunged the city of five million into total chaos.

Maduro: “I Hold Christ’s Whip”

Maduro gave a speech today at an event in Margarita island in which he lashed out at opposition politicians and threatened them with prison.

Maduro called the opposition “fascists”, and said that he held “Christ’s whip” in his hand, although it’s not clear what he meant by this. Maduro said:

I’m not afraid to face these fascists, no matter what they call themselves and wherever they are. This comes from my Christian spirit. I hold Christ’s whip in my hand.

In a bizarre analogy, Maduro compared himself to Pope Francis, and said that he was suffering from more attacks than the Pontiff:

… but they haven’t waged the same kind of war against the Pope that they’ve waged against me. I’m sure that there are people conspiring against the Pope, but they haven’t waged the political, economic, psychological, media, national, international, intergalactic [war that they are waging against me].

Maduro also warned his supporters that the opposition-controlled National Assembly was only interested in destroying the country:

All of those things that they [the National Assembly opposition deputies] are planning to destabilize, to hurt the country when it comes to the political, the social, the moral, to bring anxiety to the Venezuelan family; I’m telling you, that’s all destined to fail. None of the things that they’ve said have any political, human, social, or constitutional viability.

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