Today marks third anniversary of Hugo Chavez’s death. The PSUV held a series of events throughout the country to commemorate the life and legacy of the head of the Bolivarian movement.

At an event in the Teresa Carreño Theater, Maduro acknowledged that life in Venezuela has not been easy since Chavez died, but assured supporters that the Bolivarian revolution would continue to surge forward:

These past three years have been difficult, but the people are here. I can tell you as a human being that I never wanted any position [of leadership] (…) and the people are here standing [after] three years of absolute loyalty and love. Venezuela will continue down the path of the Bolivarian revolution.

Maduro also called Chavez a “paladin of truth” against the global struggle against imperialism.

Speaking from an event in Maracay, Aragua state, PSUV Vice-President and National Assembly Diosdado Cabello described Chavez as “our father, our colleague who is still alive because he lives in the hearts of our people”, and said that one of the revolution’s greatest achievements was the fusion of the civil and military spheres. Cabello said:

[The citizens and the military] are joined in a civil-military way. They’re perfectly fused. That terrifies the opposition, and rightfully so because that’s a strategic element for the defense of the Bolivarian revolution.

Cabello also took the opportunity to attack the National Assembly, calling it a “tool of the imperialist conspiracy” against Maduro and saying:

That Assembly is going to collapse, just like capitalism will collapse after it enters into its crisis.

Valencia Residents Protest Lack of Food

Residents of an undisclosed location in Miranda state closed the Panamericana highway heading west out of the state towards Valencia earlier today to protest lack of food at a local Mercal. The residents laid tires and other rubble across the highway and set it on fire, blocking traffic.

Below, pictures of the disturbance:

Vandals Write Pro-PSUV Graffiti on National Assembly Walls

An unknown group of individuals vandalized the walls of the National Assembly Friday overnight, spray painting pro-PSUV and pro-Chavez messages on its walls.

National Assembly President Henry Ramos Allup tweeted some images of the damage earlier today, which you can see below along with my translation:

COMMUNICATIONS CORRIDOR [I’m not entirely sure what this phrase means. It could be the name of the group responsible for]







Below, a wide shot of the grounds for reference:

NA Formally Investigation Former PDVSA Head

The National Assembly has officially opened an investigation into Rafael Ramirez’s tenure as the head of PDVSA. MUD deputy Freddy Guevara made the announcement last night.

Ramirez is being investigated over his alleged involved in embezzlement and corruption activities worth billions of dollars. Early last year, the United States Department of the Treasure launched a money laundering investigation against the Banca Privada D’Andorra, a bank that allegedly channeled at least $2 billion worth of PDVSA money towards illicit activities.

In October of last year, The Wall Street Journal reported that US authorities were investigating Ramirez for his alleged involvement in corruption through PDVSA worth billions of dollars.

Ramirez is currently the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations.

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