A major with the National Bolivarian Armed Forces named Juan Jose Sorja Ojeda was arrested along with six National Guard soldiers while transporting 400 kilograms of cocaine aboard a military truck in Merida state yesterday.

According to RunRun.es, Major Sorja is a highly-decorated solider who worked closely with Hugo Chavez’s parents up until his arrest yesterday:

Sorja was a Technical Medical Sargent. He was then given stars, and that’s how he became Major. Up until the day of his arrest, he was posted 24 hours a day with Chavez’s parents. He was the right-hand man to Hugo de Los Reyes Chavez [Hugo Chavez’s father], whom he aided as a nurse and personal assistant.

Evans: Time for Maduro to Go

Political scientist and head of the Marea Socialista left-wing party Nicmer Evans has called for Maduro to step down if the chavismo movement is to have any chance to surviving the crisis affecting the country today. Evans explained:

I’ve made a controversial point, which is that in order for chavismo to regroup, President Maduro must step side and allow for better development in the country. This would also allow for the chavista side to reconcile.

Evans also pointed out that Maduro’s relentless persecution of dissent both outside and inside the PSUV has created a “severe leadership crisis”, and stressed that there is a “rational” chavista sector that is concerned with the way the government is run and will express that concern at the polls, as was the case on December 6. Still, Evans said:

The people are still chavista, but they’re pissed at Maduro.

On the state of “The Socialism of the 21st Century” – the name Chavez gave to the Bolivarian project in Venezuela – Evans said:

Today, Venezuela suffers not only from a lack of a concrete [political] model, but also from a clear lack of will from the Maduro government to develop socialism beyond just talking about it. This is exactly what has caused the failure that the country is living today, given the fact that [the PSUV] has disconnected itself from the philosophy and thought of President Chavez.

VP: Maduro Capable of Fixing Crisis; Will Do So “In His Own Time”

Vice-president Aristobulo Isturiz said yesterday that Maduro has the ability to fix the crisis affecting the country, but that he will do just that “in his own time”. Isturiz said:

Some people get nervous, they get desperate. “When will the President make the announcement?”: when it’s time to make it. “When will it be time to make it?”: when the conditions are right. Whatever measure we do take, it has to start off by protecting the people because we’re not neo-liberals. Rest assured that Maduro has the courage and the ability to take the measures he has to take, but he will take them in his own time, and protecting our people.

Isturiz also said that the “economic war” had intensified recently because:

… imperialism has applied the same formula [to Venezuela] that it applied to progressive governments in the past when it wanted to annihilate them: controlling food, oil, and currency.

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