Eulogio del Pino, Minister of Oil and head of the PDVSA oil firm, met today with Ali al Naimi, his Saudi Arabian counterpart, in order to discuss the price of oil. Del Pino qualified the meeting as “productive”, although it is not clear exactly what the two men discussed.

Del Pino is currently on a tour through the region in the hopes of convincing other OPEC countries to “stabilize the market” in light of the continued dip in oil prices.

Venezuela earns 95% of its foreign currency income from oil sales, and is the world’s fifth largest oil producer

Vargas State Hospital Goes Three Days Without Water

A team of journalists from VIvoPlanet reported from the Jose Maria Vargas Hospital in Vargas state that the facility has been experiencing water outages recently that last up to three days, risking the lives of patients and staff alike.

The journalists managed to take a video inside the facility which shows resourceful staff keeping water in containers in anticipation of future disruptions to the water service. Below, the video in question along with my translation:

Narrator: The VivoPlay team was able to enter the hospital, and witnessed how (aside from shortages of basic medicines such as Dilantin, dexamethasone…) the hospital can go for as many as three days without water. The first thing you see when you enter any room or bathroom is containers full of water, which are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes that may carry zika, dengue and chikungunya.

Stolen Honour Guard Weapons Recovered

Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez announced through his Twitter account earlier today that an arsenal of weapons stolen from the Presidential Honour Guard in Aragua state had been recovered. Lopez said that the police had suspects in custody and that the crime was “connected to others”, and hinted at “shocking revelations” to come.

While authorities were able to recover all but two of the weapons stolen on Friday, they did also manage to recover approximately 2,400 rounds of ammunition.

The suspects were found along with the stolen weapons in Valles del Tuy, in neighbouring Miranda state.

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