Today, People’s Defender Tarek William Saab agreed to meet with the families of the country’s political prisoners in Caracas on Wednesday. The families hope to convince the nation’s human rights watchdog to support an amnesty and reconciliation law that would see the prisoners released.

Saab announced the meeting by saying:

[The families] will be received formally on Wednesday. We will hear what this sector of Venezuelan society has to say.

Saab also stressed that his office strives to always work “in accordance with the Constitution”, and that he would meet with the families of the people who died during the 2014 protests on Friday.

The group representing the families of the political prisoners, which includes Lilian Tintori, released a statement calling on Saab to consider supporting a highly-anticipated amnesty law that is due before the National Assembly some time in the near future.

Joselyn Prato, a protester who spent two months in prison, spoke on the importance of the meeting, saying:

We ask Tarek that he listen to us. What the political prisoners are living through is really difficult. I lived in in the flesh, and I don’t want any innocent Venezuelans to go through that. They would take us out of our cells in the overnight hours, they’d strip us naked and they made me eat worms.

Maduro: Details on “Path to Stability” Tomorrow

Maduro announced earlier today that he would reveal the details of his plan to rescue the country’s economy. Through Twitter, Maduro said:

Tomorrow, I will explain the Bolivarian economic plan that will guide our path from a state of emergency to stability and productive growth.

I believe in an active, creative, patriotic and committed dialogue to build a new productive and diverse economy.

Economic Council Meeting Postponed

Vice-President Aristobulo Isturiz announced that a meeting with the cabinet’s economic council scheduled for today had been postponed until tomorrow. Isturiz said that the reason for the delay was that there was an overwhelming number of individuals from around the country who wanted to attend, necessitating an extra 24 hours to prepare.

Isturiz said:

We’ve asked the governors to bring us the suggestions from those who work, produce and invest in their state and who want to attend the meeting, because we’ve got almost over 1,500 signed up now.

Isturiz also said that the point of the economic emergency decree would be to – while respecting the people’s rights – propel the Venezuelan economy forward. He said:

This decree hopes to launch the country (…) towards a robust, independent, inclusive and sovereign economy.

Speaking on how the government hopes to finance some of the measures that would be taken were the decree approved by the National Assembly, Isturiz said that “resources [from the 2015 budget] that were not invested” would suffice.

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