The National Assembly approved a motion today calling for the Venezuelan government to adhere to decisions by international human rights bodies in adherence to article 23 of the Constitution, which binds the country to any human rights treaties, pacts and conventions it has signed to and ratified.

All PSUV deputies abstained from the vote after expressing the opinion that it violated the country’s sovereignty.

TSJ Lifts Decision on NA

Earlier today, the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) officially lifted a decision holding the National Assembly in contempt and declaring all of its acts null.

On Monday, the TSJ ruled the National Assembly in contempt after it swore in three deputies from Amazonas whose election to their seats was the subject of a TSJ injunction earlier this month. The three deputies in question voluntarily vacated their seats yesterday.

Ledezma Trial Start Deferred for 10th Time

The start of the trial for Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma has been deferred for a 10th time, lengthening the time Ledezma spends in the limbo that is pre-trial detention. This latest deferral means that Ledezma has yet to appear before a judge over the charges against him. The start of his trial has now been set for February 15.

Ledezma, a prominent opposition figure, was arrested on February 19 of 2015 over his alleged involvement in a supposed conspiracy to overthrow the government.

His wife, Mitzy Capriles, speculated that the reason that the judge will not allow the trial to start is that there is no evidence against Ledezma at all, and that his innocence would be maintained at trial. She also said:

The world knows that this is a lynching (…) in Venezuela, they mop the floors with human rights. They don’t respect the Constitution, and the courts are used to harass.

Allup: NA Ready for the President

National Assembly President Henry Ramos Allup said today that the National Assembly was ready to receive Maduro tomorrow, as he is scheduled to present his yearly overview of the state of Venezuela at 5:00 PM local time. Allup said that Maduro would be received with all of the dignity and respect that the occasion calls for.

Speaking on media coverage for tomorrow’s event, Allup said that access to the National Assembly for the purposes of broadcasting Maduro’s speech would be determined primarily by how much reach a media outlet has, hinting that the bigger networks – Globovision, Televen, Venevision, VTV – would be given priority over smaller community networks.

Allup explained:

Community media channels aren’t there to cover events outside of their own communities. They’re extremely important for their communities, but the media outlets that have to be present here are the ones that have the largest coverage. That’s what’s reasonable.

Bocaranda: 5 Countries Investigating Money Laundering Involving Venezuela

Journalist Nelson Bocaranda said today that Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States are all currently investigating money laundering schemes involving Venezuela in their respective countries.

Bocaranda explained:

The focus is on Venezuela and her citizens. The authorities’ investigations have suggested that one fifth (20%) of all income coming into the Venezuelan treasury over the past 17 years has been stolen, looted, given away or placed in money laundering networks by civilians and military officers [attached to] Chavismo-Madurismo.

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