MUD deputy-elect for the Indigenous Representation Seat (Southern Region) Romel Guzamana told El Nacional today that the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) has made it impossible for him to appeal in the case that has blocked his ratification as the winner of the National Assembly seat in the December 6 parliamentary election.

Guzamana told the newspaper:

I don’t know what I’m being accused of. We haven’t been able to see the paperwork. We have three days to present our defense, but [the TSJ] does not meet today. They can’t render a verdict without hearing from the defense.

Guzamana has spent the last two days at the TSJ’s offices in Caracas attempting to find information on his case, but to no avail.

Guzamana won his seat with 32,353 votes. The second-place candidate, Argelio Perez (PSUV) only won 15,724. It is not exactly clear on what grounds the TSJ decided to block Guzamana and three other deputies from being ratified as the election winners in their respective districts.

Speaking on the fact that the TSJ cut its holiday recess short to accept the PSUV appeal, Guzamana said:

It’s totally absurd. If they were in recess, how could they accept the lawsuit? Still, the court accepted it. And now we can’t appeal. We have the right to appeal; if we don’t, then this is a violation of due process.

Regardless of the TSJ’s decision, Guzamana said that he would attend the official swearing in ceremony at the National Assembly on January 5. As he sees it, the election’s results were clear and irreversible:

I want to tell the country that we won fair and square. I want to tell my district that we won because we were intelligent and because of our strategy.

MUD Invites Blocked Deputies to Attend Ceremony

The head of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica, Jesus Torrealba, remained defiant today in the face of the TSJ’s ruling, and invited all 112 elected MUD deputies to attend the January 5 swearing-in ceremony.

Torrealba said:

The people elected 112, and 112 will be sworn in.

Yesterday, the MUD called on the National Armed Forces to stand by their commitment to the Constitution in respecting the Venezuelan people’s will as expressed through the election results.

PSUV Governor’s Son Injured in Attempted Robbery

The son of Carabobo state governor Francisco Ameliach was the victim of an attempted robbery yesterday in Apure state.

Ameliach’s son was part of a group of people who were approached by four armed robbers. Ameliach’s party exchanged fire with teh robbers, and two of his companions were injured in the firefight. One of the robbers was killed.

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