National Assembly deputy-elect Henry Ramos Allup spoke today on the looming showdown at the nation’s top court over the December 6 parliamentary elections. Allup called on all opposition deputies to stand firm beside the MUD deputies who have seen legal challenges against their electoral wins accepted by the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) for review.

On the possibility that elected MUD deputies might have their titles stripped away from them by the TSJ, Allup said:

If they [the TSJ] rejects even one of the MUD deputies that the people elected, they will be rejecting all of us.

Allup stressed that the MUD would not yield to the PSUV on the issue, saying:

We are 112. We won’t sit with our arms crossed.

Despite assuring Venezuelans that the PSUV would win by a landslide on December 6 and that the opposition would subsequently claim that the government cheated, Maduro and other high-ranking PSUV officials have said recently that the opposition cheated in the election.

After weeks of lambasting the opposition for refusing to sign an agreement with the PSUV to respect the election results, Maduro signed the document on October 23, saying that whatever the elections results were would be “sacred”.

Lopez: Maduro Must Be Forced Out if Election Results Ignored

Imprisoned Voluntad Popular leader Leopoldo Lopez wrote a letter released to the public today in which he outlined six points he considers vital for the future of Venezuela. Among the points, Lopez is calling for a reconstruction of the Venezuelan economy as well for the “reconstruction of democratic coexistence”.

On the possibility that Maduro and the TSJ might succeed in overturning election results and stripping the MUD of its 2/3 majority at the National Assembly, Lopez wrote:

If Maduro and the rest of the corrupt and anti-democratic leaders who have hijacked our public institutions stand in the way of this change – ignoring the result of December 6 along the way – then they should be removed from power. Since 2014, we’ve been stressing that La Salida [“The Exit”, Lopez’s term for the process by which Venezuela can achieve meaningful change] from this disaster must be done as quickly as possible and constitutionally. There are constitutional means to do this.

Maduro: 2016 Will be Year of “Rebirth and Renaissance”

Maduro sent new year’s messages to Venezuelans through his Twitter account earlier this evening, wishing them a 2016 full of “hope and rebirth”.

One of Maduro’s tweets read:

2015 – with all of its struggles and lessons – is leaving us. Our homeland is at peace and sovereign, thanks to the work of all who love this land of Bolivar and Chavez.


Happy New Year!

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