Caracas saw its most violent day of the year yesterday as 30 people were murdered. Seventeen bodies were had been admitted to the Bello Monte morgue, Caracas’ only such facility, by 8:00 AM this morning.

Colectivos Call for January 5 Protest

At least seven colectivo (pro-government armed groups) organizations have called for street demonstrations on January 5 to protest the first session of the new opposition-controlled National Assembly.

Noticiero Digital reports that the groups have issued a joint written statement calling “those who stand with Chavez to take to the streets” to defend the Bolivarian revolution against “the treasonous right wing”. According to the statement, the groups believe that the opposition’s victory in the December 6 parliamentary elections:

… creates the urgent necessity to defend the revolution’s victories out on the streets.

The same document also calls for chavistas around the country to call on the PSUV to “review and rectify [its] direction”.

The document was released by the following colectivo groups:

  • Corriente Revolucionaria Bolivar y Zamora [Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current]
  • Colectivo de Trabajadores Hijos e Hijas de la Revolucion [Sons and Daughters of the Revolution Workers’ Collective]
  • Resistencia Antimperialista [Anti-Imperialist Resistance]
  • Foro Energetico [Energy Forum]
  • Colectivo Terapaima [Terapaima Collective[
  • Vive [Lives]

The group also includes a political party called Patria Para Todos [Homeland for All], and plans to march on the National Assembly building in Caracas on January 5.

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