Speaking at an event in the Caracas Poliedro earlier today, Maduro predicted a win for the PSUV in Sunday’s parliamentary elections. On the PSUV’s expected performance, Maduro said to the crowd:

It’s like a volcano that is building up heat and pressure and releases some steam. Each release of steam turns into a powerful hurricane that goes everywhere. That’s where we are now. On December 5 and 6, that volcano will show everyone who rules Venezuela. In Venezuela, Chavez rules.

During the same event, Maduro lost his temper with a rowdy audience member who kept yelling at him to come down onto the stands to speak with him one-on-one. When the audience member began the taunts, Maduro replied, “We’ll talk soon! When I finish here I’ll come down there!“, but that answer apparently did not satisfy the heckler as he continued to yell at Maduro throughout his speech. The repeated yells got to Maduro, who finally lashed out at the individual:

No, not yet! We won’t get anywhere with anarchy, not even to the corner of the street. We won’t even get to the street corner with chaos an anarchy, sir. We’re in a really furious war, so we have to have discipline. Discipline, because the homeland is in play… so we either have discipline or we go home crying to our mothers, sir. I’m no one’s pushover.

Maduro also reiterated a point he has made several times over the past few weeks: that he would “take to the streets” in the event of a PSUV loss at the polls. Maduro said:

I won’t give up under any circumstance. I know we’re going to win, but if a negative situation happened I would take to the streets to fight alongside the people as I’ve always done, and the revolution would enter a new phase. Don’t think that I’m a coward: I’m a brave son of Chavez on the streets with the people.

MoD: 163,000 Troops Ready to Assist Election Process

Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez announced earlier today that he would deploy 163,000 troops throughout the country starting on December 2 in order to help ensure the smooth conduct of the this Sunday’s parliamentary elections. In addition, 25,000 soldiers would be kept in reserve in order to reinforce any region(s) of the country that experience unrest during the next week.

Padrino Lopez explained:

I will be ordering, under instructions from the President of the Republic, the gradual deployment — that is, the occupation of voting centres and the deployment of all technological material to those voting centres.

The Ministry of the Defense has also been in contact with the Public Ministry in order to coordinate anti-electoral crime operations in the lead-up to Sunday’s proceedings.

Bernal: “Chavismo Wants a Reformation”

Yesterday, National Assembly Deputy Freddy Bernal became to the highest-profile member of the PSUV to openly suggest that the chavismo movement is not happy with the status quo under Maduro, and that it wanted change.

Speaking on a television show on the Globovision network, Bernal said:

To deny the long lines and that some products are scarce… or that inflation hits Venezuelans’ pockets really hard would be like blocking the sun out with your finger. But, it must be pointed out that the solution to this economic situation is not in neoliberalism or the opposition: it’s inside chavismo, which is the majority of the population. And this is why it’s clear that we need to head towards a critical reformation.

When asked what he meant by the term “critical reformation”, Bernal said:

Well, simply that we must own up to the truth and say that we’ve made some mistakes and that we have to fix those errors within the chavista framework, within a framework of social inclusion.

Bernal specifically pointed to the country’s multi-tiered exchange system as the root of an “immense distortion” in the country’s economy, along with massive corruption and an out-of-control crime problem as three areas the government should carefully re-examine.

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