El Nacional published an article today in which it outlines eight instances of violence against opposition politicians since November 18. Below, the list the newspaper compiled:

  • November 18: Government supporters block Lilian Tintori’s car from entering Cojedes state.
  • November 22: Pro-government armed groups fired weapons in the air to disperse a crowd attending an event held by opposition politician Miguel Pizarro in Petare, Caracas.
  • November 23: Opposition supporters are assaulted by hooded men in Maracay, Aragua state, while they put up posters on a city street.
  • November 23: Three opposition supporters are kidnapped while hanging campaign literature in Catia, Caracas.
  • November 25: An opposition rally is attacked by government supporters in San Felix, Bolivar state. Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles was in attendance. A witness claims the attackers were being protected by National Guard and Bolivar State Police officers.
  • November 25: Lilian Tintori is detained in a Margarita state airport, preventing her flight from leaving for Guarico state where Tintori was scheduled to appear at an event.
  • November 25: Opposition politician Juan Manuel Diaz is assassinated by unknown assailants while participating in a rally held by Lilian Tintori in Altagracia de Orituco, Guarico state.

Public Ministry Begins Diaz Assassination Investigation

The Public Ministry announced yesterday that it had assigned two investigators to work the assassination of Accion Democratica politician Juan Manuel Diaz. The two investigators are named Edgar Angulo and Yomar Mota.

Authorities also announced that they believe they have identified Diaz’s killer: a man named Jesus Noguera Hernandez, a.k.a. “El Pipi”. Investigators believe that Diaz was the member of a gang called “Los Plateados”, and that Noguera belonged to a rival gang.

PSUV Accuses Allup of Defamation

PSUV campaign head Jorge Rodriguez announced yesterday that he would file the necessary paperwork to formally accuse Accion Democratica leader Henry Ramos Allup of defamation for accusing the PSUV of murdering Juan Manuel Diaz. Rodriguez also called on Allup to provide evidence of his claims.

Rodriguez believes that Allup’s comments and the recent violence against opposition supporters are part of a larger campaign to smear the PSUV as the country prepares for parliamentary elections next week. Rodriguez explained:

There’s a serious attempt to create violence and false flags in relation to the electoral process that we Venezuelans will take part in on December 6.

Aragua Police HQ Hit by Grenade Attack

The headquarters of the Aragua state police was the scene of a grenade attack yesterday after unknown assailants threw one of the explosive devices into the building. A police supervisor named Henry Rojas and another officer were injured in the attack.

Lopez: Maduro is a “Coward”

Leopoldo Lopez responded to the Diaz assassination through his Twitter account and voiced support for his wife, Lilian Tintori, saying that he “admired” her work.

Lopez also took the opportunity to refer directly to Maduro, and made use of one of his recent go-to phrases:

If history will say anything about you, Nicolas Maduro, it’ll be about your cowardice. Your fear to lose power, a power that – I maintain – you stole! A power that you use, Maduro, to create violence that only hides your fears and insecurities. The people do not deserve to be dragged down by a failure (…) You failed, Nicolas Maduro, because even though you’re trying everything to maintain power “by any means necessary”, you’re faced with a people who will not yield.

MUD Files Lawsuit Against CNE

The Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD) filed an accion de amparo against the Consejo Nacional Electoral today. An accion de amparo is a measure afforded to individuals and organizations that allows them to bring the court’s attention to any act they believe might be violating a fundamental right.

The purpose of the motion is to force the CNE to take action against the MIN-UNIDAD, a pro-PSUV party that has created controversy recently over its apparent attempts to pass itself off as the official opposition bloc. The party’s name, colour scheme and even it’s slogan (Somos la Opocision – “We are the opposition”) are arguably deceptive. With the accion de amaparo, the MUD hopes that the CNE will force the party to change its colour scheme.

Below, a picture of an advertisement as it appeared in a Venezuelan newspaper recently:

In the ad above, a red arrow points to the MUD, the official opposition bloc. The corresponding text reads: “Do not be confused, This is not Unidad“. The blue arrow points to MINUNDAD, the pro-government party that is not the official opposition bloc. The corresponding text reads: “This is the Unidad ticket. We are the opposition”.

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