The Consejo Nacional Electoral announced today that it would allow each political party running candidates in the parliamentary elections to have ten international observers present during the proceedings. The measure was announced by CNE rector Tania D’Amelio, who said that each party will be given an “allowance” of ten observer certificates to use as they wish.

International observers are expected to begin arriving in Venezuela next week. The parliamentary elections take place on December 6.

Venezuelan Oil Falls to $34.46

The price of one barrel of Venezuelan oil fell this week to $34.46, down from $37.23 from the week before. The Minister of Oil and Mining made the announcement, saying:

Average crude prices ended the week low, pressured by an increase in commercial crude stocks in the United States, worries over an increase in world oil demand, along with the strengthening of the U.S. dollar compared to other currencies.

Economist: Inflation Could Top 200% Next Year

Economist Boris Ackerman told Globovision earlier today that the inflation rate could move beyond 200% in 2016 unless the government takes drastic measures.

Ackerman said:

2016 will not be easy. Unless the necessary measures are taken, the economy could worsen.

Ackerman also suggested that the result of the parliamentary election could complicate the country’s economic recovery depending on who wins and by how much. Ackerman speculates that close results could result in a “heterogeneous model” of economic recovery, in which case only “inflation would be moderated a little”.

Maduro: The US Is “Dumb”

Last night, Maduro spoke at an event in Cumana, Sucre state, and turned his attention towards the United States. Maduro said:

We are the people of the liberators, and the North American empire cannot understand that and it never will. We are the people of the liberators. Chavez grew tired of saying that and they never understood it. They’re dumb. They’re dumb when it comes to understanding. Imperialists are dumb when it comes to understanding. They’re obsessed with Venezuela and they can’t – nor will they ever – defeat the people of Venezuela or the Bolivarian revolution which was founded by Commander Hugo Chavez.

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