The Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV) filed a lawsuit in the United States today against the website DolarToday.com. The lawsuit alleges that the website engages in “cyber terrorism” by publishing unofficial currency exchange rates. The BCV also claims that the website is responsible for worsening the country’s inflation.

Part of the lawsuit reads:

Defendants conspired to use a form of cyber-terrorism to wreak, and in fact they have wreaked, economic and reputational harm on the Central Bank by impeding its ability to manage the Republic’s economy and foreign exchange system.

The website claims that it calculates the unofficial exchange rate based on the going price for Bolivares along the border with Colombia.

The lawsuit names three Venezuelan residents of the United States, the website’s owners, as the defendants: Gustavo Diaz, Ivan Lozada-Salas, and Enrique Altuve.

HRW Asks UN Council to Not Re-Elect Venezuela

A group of human rights organizations headed by Human Rights Watch asked the United Nations’ Human Right’s Council to not re-elect Venezuela as one of its members. The council will vote on its membership on October 28.

Human Rights Watch addressed the body on behalf of 36 human rights organizations, saying:

Venezuela’s poor performance when it comes to human rights – even as a member of the Human Rights Council – should prohibit its assignment to another term in the council.

Maria Gabriela Chavez: Ramirez Punished For Loyalty

Maria Gabriela Chavez, Hugo Chavez’s daughter and alternate ambassador to the United Nations, tweeted her support for UN ambassador Rafael Ramirez after allegations surfaced yesterday that he ran PDVSA as a personal bank account.

Maria Gabriela said:

They will never forgive you for your loyalty to our father.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published an article in which it claims that Ramirez is under investigation in the United States for looting PDVSA coffers out of exuberant amounts of money while he headed the oil giant between 2004 and 2014.

Maduro: Only “Revolutionaries” Can Govern

Maduro spoke on television early this morning and said that only “revolutionaries” are fit to govern Venezuela, and that an opposition-run Venezuela would descend into “chaos”.

Maduro said:

The pelucones [opposition politicians] should light a few candles for the saints they worship or beg to, and beg them that the revolution win by a wide margin on December 6 because only revolutionaries can govern here.

Maduro also said that Venezuela would “enter chaos” if the opposition won, and called on supporters once more to prepare themselves to defend the revolution:

We have to prepare ourselves to defend this revolution in case we have to defend it and the homeland, sovereignty, our history, the right to a future. On December 6, like I say, let’s win any way we can, with a conscious people, with the economic war (…) rain, thunder or lightning, this victory belongs to the Bolivarian revolution.

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