Maduro spoke last night on his television show, En Contacto con Maduro, regarding the opposition’s refusal to sign an agreement to respect the results of the elections. He voiced his displeasure with the oppositon’s stance and took aim at the head of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica, Jesus “Chuo” Torrealba, saying:

Then Chuo Torrealba came out saying that he wouldn’t sign anything, and he called for an electoral rebellion. Electoral rebellion, Chuo Torrealba? Knock it off, because there’s a really beautiful and modern prison in Guarico. In Venezuela there will be peace through any means.

The “electoral rebellion” Maduro referenced comes from an open letter Torrealba wrote a few days ago, stressing the importance of the December 6 parliamentary elections and urging Venezuelans to vote. Part of the letter reads:

In a totalitarian government with opposition leaders in jail, with regions of the country militarized even though there is no internal or external conflict to justify it, and with criminal groups carrying out attacks with grenades that are only imported, stored and guarded by the government, the elections are not a “democratic party” and the vote is more than a right. In this kind of situation, the elections are a REBELLION – the only one possible – an electoral rebellion, and the vote is the weapon of the free man.

Torrealba was quick to respond to Maduro’s threat of imprisonment. In a string of tweets, Torrealba said:

Ignore the show-off. Our topic is the lack of water and electrical energy for which people struggle in Guarenas, Carupano, Zulia…


The corrupt elite talks to itself trying to get rid of the fear that being alone makes them feel. They’re trying to intimate, but we only feel pity. Forward!

Maduro also blamed the opposition for a string of grenade attacks against police installations that have taken place over the last few weeks. Maduro criticized opposition figures who’ve place responsibility for the attacks on the army’s inability to control its stock of the weapon, and said:

They have the never to say that the grenades that they’re throwing at policy installations are the fault of the National Armed Forces. They’re immoral and insensitive (…) They [the opposition] are the ones who send paramilitary groups to attack police forces, [electrical] substations, to kill over here, kill over there, and then they blame our Armed Forces that are only protecting the people.

Maduro: PSUV Must Win Elections “Any Way We Can”

Maduro also stressed the importance of the parliamentary elections on his television show last night, saying:

I’m saying that we have to get ready to win the December 6 of this year, 2015, any way we can, any way we can. Peace must triumph by any means. We must guarantee that we will win the elections.

He continued:

Win by any means, by any means because the homeland, peace and the future are at play.

Criminologist: Gov’t Should Answer to Grenade Attacks

Criminologist Fermin Marmol Garcia has called on the government to answer to a recent spat of grenade attacks against police installations in the country, since it’s their responsibility to look after “the security of the country”.

Garcia told Noticiero Digital:

The hypothesis that makes most sense here (…) [is that] there has been a diversion of explosives [from the army], and that’s what makes most sense… it’s plausible that weapons that came from the United States went missing, were stolen and then sold illegally.

Garcia also said that whether the attackers were “paramilitaries or martians” did not matter, since in any case the government has a responsibility to act decisively to thwart future attacks.

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