A joint survey conducted by the Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia [Venezuela Violence Watch], the Observatorio de la Delincuencia Organizada [Organized Crime Watch] and the Laboratorio de Ciencias Socialies [Social Sciences Laboratory] has found that a growing number of Venezuelans believe the government is actively involved in organized crime activities.

The sample for the survey was 3,500 people, who were polled between July 23 and August 23 of this year.

Below, some interesting results from the survey:

  • 66% believe the Venezuelan army has been corrupted by drug traffickers, up from 52% in 2013.
  • 72% believe government economic policies cause corruption.
  • 70.4% believe currency exchange restrictions favor the black market.
  • 79.9% believe it is “very dangerous” to serve as a witness in a trial.
  • 75% believe organized crime seldom faces justice because judges “are threatened or bribed”.

The full survey can be found here in Spanish.

Capriles: Inflation for September Hit 18%

Miranda state governor Enrique Capriles said earlier today that the inflation increased by 18% in September, and that the rate for 2015 so far sits at 142%.

The Banco Central de Venezuela has refused to publish any economic statistics this year, even though it is mandated to do so every three months by its own regulations. Capriles has claimed in the past to have sources that provide him with the figures. The last time the BCV published inflation numbers was for the period ending in 2014, at which time it reported an annualized inflation rate of 70%.

Capriles revealed the statistics in his weekly column, and said:

We have the highest inflation in the world. September ended with 18%, and the accumulated inflation [for 2015] is 142%. This is all the consequence of an economic model that does not work.

Presidential Escorts Wounded in Shooting

El Nacional reported last night that two members of the Presidential Guard were injured in a shooting at a car wash in Guatire, Miranda state. The guards were identified as Alex Fuenmayor Fernandez and Jonathan Lee.

According to the newspaper, the guards were taken to a hospital in Caracas. Fernandez’s brother told media that the motive for the shooting appears to have been to steal their regulation firearms.

Maduro Hopes for “Respectful Relations” with United States

Maduro officially kicked off the PSUV campaign for the December 6 parliamentary election under the banner “Bolivar-Chavez” at an event in Caracas earlier today.

Maduro reminded the crowd of supporters that the Bolivarian revolution has been “the only political project” to allow the people to have a direct say in the construction of “a new reality”.

He also laid out his vision for relations with the Unites States, saying that he wanted to:

… achieve what Cuba has achieved: respectful relations, equal relations with the States, equal, and hopefully above the elites who  government Washington and the United States government.

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