Former San Cristobal mayor Daniel Ceballos was granted house arrest today by a Caracas court on account of undisclosed health issues. Ceballos is expected to be transferred from the SEBIN prison at El Helicoide, Caracas, to a home somewhere in the city.

Although it is not clear what medical condition lead to the decision to have Ceballos continue his arrest at home, Ceballos spent 20 days on a hunger strike in late May and early June. As a result, his health deteriorated considerably.

Ceballos has been in prison since March 20 of last year, when he was arrested in Caracas for the crimes of civil rebellion, assault, and associating to commit violence over the violent protests that were taking place in San Cristobal, Tachira at the time. His trial has been ongoing since then, and he has spent time in three different prisons since his arrest.

Maria Corina Machado: MUD “Silenced Me”

Opposition figure Maria Corina Machado said today that the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica silenced her voice when it decided to challenge her nomination for Isabel Pereira to run in her stead in the December parliamentary elections.

During an interview with Radio Caracas Radio earlier today, Machado said:

These have been difficult days in which we’ve taken decisions that will affect the rest of our lives. First, I was disqualified by the regime, and then by the MUD. I think that there has been an enormous injustice, not only for us two [Pereira and Machado], but also for the other disqualified candidates. The MUD silenced my voice through Isabel Pereira.* (See note on translation below)

Last week, Machado announced that she had chosen Isabel Pereira to run for her in Miranda’s Circuit 2. Shortly thereafter, the MUD announced that Machado had no authority to make the appointment, and that Freddy Guevara would be running in the circuit. After a brief standoff, Machado decided to yield to the MUD’s decision.

Polar Receives Raw Materials, Averts Production Shutdown

Cerveceria Polar announced today that it had received the raw materials necessary to avert a shutdown of its beer production. The shutdown also would have affected the production of other malt-based drinks. The company said that the materials arrived in the country yesterday.

In a press release, Polar said that it would be able to restart two factories it shut down last week within the next two days.

First Lady’s Bodyguard Succumbs to Injuries

A bodyguard to First Lady Cilia Flores died last night following a shooting in Caracas’ 23 de Enero neighbourhood on Friday.

Yusber Enrique Velasquez Olivier, who aside from being assigned to Flores’ personal detail was also a SEBIN agent, was shot in the head on Friday and taken to the Lidice Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

*Note: This sentence as spoken by Machado is, “La MUD inhabilita mi voz a traves de Isabel Pereira”. The verb inhabilita means “disqualify”, and is the same verb Machado uses to describe the disqualification she suffered at the hands of the Comptroller General. In my translation, I’ve changed the second instance of the verb inhabilita to mean “silence”, which I think is closer to the meaning Machado is conveying.

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