Maduro made a number of comments last night regarding the situation in Venezuela and the electoral campaign leading up to the December 6 elections.

On the election, Maduro said that he was confident that the people would elect the National Assembly representatives that will “legislate not for an elite, but for the country”, and:

I’m sure that we are approaching a victory. That’s what we’ll see.

Maduro also called for a “clean electoral campaign”, while at the same time saying that the the opposition is currently in a state of “absolute desperation”, that their ultimate goal was to destabilize the country, and that the opposition is in such disarray that “they don’t even know who’s running in which circuit”.

He continued his attack on the opposition, and made reference to the recent dispute between Maria Corina Machado and the Mesa de la Unidad Democraticasaying:

The country of pelucones [a derogatory term that roughly means “aristocracy”], elites, cogollos [a derogatory term that roughly means “cabals”] is over, gentlemen. They will never come back. The spectacle [between Maria Corina Machado and the MUD] was so embarrassing! They’re backstabbing each other, alienating themselves, talking behind each other’s backs. And the dinosaurs that they’re running — the MUD is running a dinosaur museum. They will soon see the faces of our candidates for renovation, from the revolution, truth, the homeland, and the row of dinosaurs that the MUD is running!

Maduro: Economic War Has Become “Economic Coup”

While meeting with a group of Chinese investors yesterday in the Miraflores Palace, Maduro blamed the “bourgeois” for turning what he calls the “economic war” into an “economic coup” the moment he became President. Maduro said:

… these economic groups have a lot of power in Miami, [and] in Colombia they’ve been waging an internal war to make products disappear over the last 25 months, since I became President. They also did this against President Chavez, but now they’ve deepened it and they’ve transformed the economic war into an economic coup. It’s important to understand this because the bourgeois imports, speculates, peddles, and has decided on a strategy to affect the distribution and sale of products to make people desperate and execute their economic coup.

Maduro said that despite the challenges he faces, he is confident that he will lead Venezuela to prosperity “with the help of our brothers at the global level”. On Friday, Venezuela received a $5 billion loan from China as part of an economic package the two countries worked out earlier this year.

He also said that for all the troubles Venezuela is facing, its foundations are strong thanks to the work of his predecessor:

The most important thing our homeland has is the fact that it has a well-designed, relevant national project, with our national identity and history, which was written by the greatest leader in the history of Venezuela: President Chavez. Also, [Venezuela] has a government that is wholly committed to building this country.

Capriles Lashes Out at Maduro

In a series of tweets written after Maduro’s speech from the Miraflores Palace last night, Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles lashed out at Maduro’s apparent inability to deal with the country’s crises, saying:

Get out of the Palace, @nicolasmaduro, and out of the air conditioning! Approach a [supermarket] line, enough with the T.V. shows, the country is sinking! 


The [supermarket] lines continue to grow, there isn’t a single sign of recovery, inflation reached almost 13% in July, what will it be in September?


The economic crisis gets worse and the response from @nicolasmaduro cannot be to do nothing, it’s not a partisan issue, it’s the country!


We Venezuelans have to set a deadline for @nicolasmaduro to provide an answer to the deepening of the economic and social crisis.

El Aissami: CNN Running “Terrorist Campaign”

Aragua state governor Tareck El Aissami called recent CNN coverage of looting in Aragua state a “terrorist and criminal campaign” against the Venezuela people in a series of angry tweets. Yesterday afternoon, CNN En Español spent some time reporting on the looting of supermarkets and other food establishments that has been taking place in the country recently.

Later, speaking from Miraflores Palace last night, El Aissami linked Miranda state governor and opposition figure Henrique Capriles with the “fascist right wing”, saying:

This is a campaign orchestrated — a terrorist, criminal [campaign] against the peace of the Venezuelan people — it’s a plan orchestrated by the fascist right wing, the governor of Miranda [Henrique Capriles] among them. They underestimate the consciousness of the people, the capacity of our people to withstand the economic war, their capacity to withstand this criminal ambus. On December 6, we are going to win admirably, democratically and peacefully.

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