One person was killed and 30 others were arrested this morning in San Felix, Bolivar state, after a large crowd began looting shops along with Manuel Piar Avenue in the city.

El Nacional reports that the National Guard responded to the scene and managed to gain some control over the situation. Most of the business in the affected area remained closed throughout the morning.

While it is unclear exactly the one victim died, it appears that the murder occurred in the vicinity of a supermarket that was being looted at the time.

Below, some pictures showing the scene:

El Universal: 50-60% of Caracas Area Buses Not in Service

El Universal reported today that 60% of the public transportation buses servicing Caracas are not in service due to a lack of repairs and spare parts. According to the newspaper, 50% of buses servicing urban areas and 60% of buses servicing suburban areas are not in use.

The publication cites Jose Luis Montoya, the president of the Central Unica de Autos Libres y Por Puesto [Roughly, “Association of Service Vehicles”] as saying that the transport industry is on the verge of collapse, and that the outlook for the next few months is that the situation “will get more complicated”.

Montoya stressed that the bus routes linking Caracas to the Andine states are particularly affected by the bus shortage. He explained:

For example, we can cite the example of Expresos Merida, which went from 170 two-storey units to 40 units, and from 60 buses of one-and-a-half-storey to 10. This situation is not likely to improve in the future even though we’ve already spoken to the government about it.

Argenis Diaz, the head of the bus line that provides transport between San Antonio and Caracas, said:

Since there are no repair parts, we have a lot of out-of-service vehicles. Specifically, 17 of the 35 units are currently broken down due to a lack of tires and repair parts. Since we can’t find any, we’ve gone to the extreme of “cannibalizing” broken down units to repair the ones that are working. 

Mariana Gonzalez, a public transport user, told El Universal that the bus shortages are severely affecting her life:

We’ve had to wait for up to 6 hours in line. A few weeks ago we waited in torrential rain from 6 in the afternoon to 11 at night, and not a single bus came.

OLP: Mision Vivienda Apts. Raided in El Paraiso

For the third time in a week, security forces raided apartments belonging to the Mision Vivienda subsudized housing program, this time in El Paraiso, in Caracas.

El Nacional reports that private media outlets were not allowed to access the area, but at least several National Guard armoured trucks were spotted in the area.

Last Monday, the Operacion Liberacion del Pueblo kicked off in Caracas with a raid that left 16 people dead in the Cota 905 area of the city. On Saturday, another raid targeted evicted over a hundred families from a stretch of the Panamericana highway in the south of the city. On Wednesday, security forces raided apartment buildings in Nuevo Circo, central Caracas.

Guyana Refuses to Sit Down with Maduro

Guyanese Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, has said that his country has no reason to sit down to a face-to-face meeting with Maduro over the territorial dispute between the two countries. iNewsGuyana reports that when asked by Guyanese media if an in-person meeting was in the works to resolve the issue, Greenidge said:

We are not meeting one on one, there is no proposal to meet on one one… what would we meet one on one for?

Greenidge also said that Guyana has been in talks with the United Nations regarding the issue, and that an emissary from the organization would arrive in the country “soon”.

On July 23, the National Assembly of Guyana approved a series of regulations that lay out the country’s territorial claims, including in the areas claimed by Venezuela. In particular, the regulations specify territorial claims across the mouths of its rivers, including the Essequibo.

Greenidge said that the new regulations, which Guyana claims build on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), mean that:

Guyana is now in a position to determine and safeguard the zones and jurisdictions under which she is entitled in relation to UNCLOS and general international law.

Gov’t Meets with Polar Workers

Representatives from the Ministry of Housing and Habitat met today with Polar workers affected by the expropriation notice served yesterday to the La Yaguara warehouses belonging to the company. The Minister of Housing and Habitat, Ricardo Molina, was in attendance at the informal meeting held outside the Polar offices in El Algodonal, Caracas.

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