Carmen Melendez, the Vice-President of Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace and former Minister of Defence, spoke at a military event yesterday, and made a remark regarding the Essequibo region.

While Melendez handed military cadets a copy of a book called La Verdad Sobre El Esequibo [The Truth About the Essequibo], she said:

Every officer and cadet should consult this book, specially those who belong to the Navy, who are the ones who safeguard our maritime territory, and who should know that anyone born in the Essequibo territory is Venezuelan.

While Venezuela claims the Essequibo region, it is a de facto part of Guyana as the country administers it.

Speaking on Jose Vicente Rangel’s show on Televen earlier today, Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz made less contentious remarks on the feud with Guyana, saying that she hoped that the issue could be resolved cordially and peacefully.

Opposition Deputy Accuses Maduro of Playing Politics With Essequibo

Alfonso Marquina, National Assembly Deputy and head of the Primero Justicia opposition party, accused Maduro today of playing politics with the Essequibo dispute. Marquina said that while Maduro likes to point out that ExxonMobil is involved in the affair, he has so far failed to mention that China is also involved in the offshore drilling activities that have infuriated the Venezuelan government.

Marquina said:

He forgot to say that the ExxonMobil’s main partner in Guyana is the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, which is a 100% Chinese company. The new Guyanese government aren’t the ones who have imposed this expansionist policy. This has been a policy of that country for many years. Maduro pretends like he doesn’t know this in order to justify his incompetence over his years as Foreign Affairs Minister.

Maduro was Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006-2013. Critics have pointed out that despite all of Maduro’s recent posturing on the issue, in 2004 Chavez made the following remarks at a speech in Georgetown, Guyana:

The Venezuelan government will not be an obstacle for any project taking place in the Essequibo, and whose purpose is to benefit the residents of the area.

77 Police Officers Killed in Greater Caracas So Far This Year

El Nacional reports today that 77 police officers have been killed so far this year in the Greater Caracas region, the majority of whom have been murdered to steal weapons and other official equipment from them. The figure averages to 11 officers murdered per month.

Venezuela had the second highest murder rate in the world last year, second only to Honduras. In the first 11 days of July alone, 174 people were murdered in Caracas.

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