Maduro gave an interview to TeleSur last night in which he addressed Venezuela’s feud with Guyana regarding the Essequibo region.

During the interview, Maduro accused Guyanese President David Granger of taking orders from oil giant ExxonMobil, and of seeking to provoke Venezuela into a fight. Maduro said:

[Granger] has come simply to ignore international law, international rights, diplomatic mechanisms for conflict resolution and dialogue, and to try to impose a vision that is absolutely oblivious and ignorant to the historical reality and international events.
Today, the current President of Guyana has come with a plan to provoke Venezuela, to dare us, in a way which profoundly harms Latin American, Caribbean and Venezuelan history… David Granger has done the worst thing that a Guyanese Prime Minister and a President have done: ignore the Geneva Agreement. It’s the worst thing he’s done.

Maduro referenced the Geneva Agreement of 1966, which created a Mixed Commission of Guyanese and Venezuelan representatives to look into “the controversy” regarding the Essequibo region. The Agreement stipulated that while the issue was examined, neither nation could act in any way as to “assert, support or [deny]” a claim to territory.

Maduro Welcomes Thawing Relations with U.S.

During the same interview, Maduro revealed that he had held two meetings with Thomas Shannon, a high-ranking U.S. Department of State official posted to Latin America. On the changing nature of U.S.-Venezuelan relations, Maduro said:

I bet everything will turn out well. [I think] the U.S. will take a historic step sooner or later towards recognizing Venezuela as a reality, and that we will defeat the threatening decree against our homeland (…) [and that] we will be able to normalize relations from a Bolivarian, Chavista, revolutionary Venezuela. We only want to continue to move forward the way we are.

Oil Drop No Reason to Worry

Speaking to television cameras today, Maduro said that a recent drop in oil prices will not slow Venezuela down:

Oil has dropped four dollars in two days, but Venezuela will not stop. It will carry on. Our public education, our great missions, our people fighting with smiles on their faces and with faith in their homeland.

Maduro also called on supporters to demonstrate that “socialist work” is superior to all other forms of work, saying:

We should demonstrate that productive socialist work is better than any other kind of work.

Chaos at Margarita Mercal

A video posted on YouTube on Tuesday shows chaotic scenes at what appears to be a basketball court near a Mercal in Maneiro, MargaritaEl Sol De Margarita reports that hundreds of people were lined up to enter a nearby Mercal when a shipment of food arrived. However, Mercal staff did not want to start selling their products until state security officers arrived on scene to regulate the affair.

At approximately 1:00 PM local time, the shoppers lost their patience and took matters into their own hands, resulting in the scene below:

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