Maduro is acurrently giving a speech in the National Assembly in which he promised to reveal the details of all the “aggressions, intrigue, [and] conspiracies” which he claims Venezuela is victim to, specifically when it comes to its dispute with Guyana over the Essequibo region.

On Saturday, Maduro explained the situation regarding Guyana in the following way:

It’s not enough that the British Empire deprived Venezuela of the Essequibo in 1835, 1840 and 1899 with the objective of taking possession of the entrance to the Orinoco river in order to intervene in our affairs and re-conquer us; [now we are faced] with provocations from Exxon Mobil and insults from the government of Guyana.

Maduro arrived at the National Assembly in Caracas at around 6:00 PM local time. Below, a video of the ceremony in honour of his arrival:

At around 4:30, one of the bands present at the ceremony starts to sign an original song tailored to the occasion. I have translated the lyrics of the song below:

There’s lots to do, there’s lots to give,
so that the world does not keep going upside down,
We have to watch and walk, trample the lies,
so that they don’t destroy my home.

Chorus 1
We have to breathe once again, and live to love,
to grow by the hand of my brother.
Nature, humanity, co-existent in peace,
I want to give love to my children.

Chorus 2
The Essequibo is ours, we will defend it,
we will rescue it from imperialism.

Repeat Chorus 2

And my people, all at once, will forever join together
to defend of our homeland’s rights
From ancestral Guyana, the universal Essequibo,
We have to save it from the system’s empires.

Repeat Chorus 1

I want to give love to the land,
I want to give love to the homeland.

Repeat Chorus 2 X 3

While Maduro continues to speak at the time of the writing of this post (7:50 PM EST time), he has so far said that Venezuela must now, more than ever, make its claim to the Essequibo region heard:

The scenario that has developed, thanks to the complicity of important political and economic sectors from Guyana, is a grave and dangerous one. It must be dissipated with national unity, and it must be neutralized, and Venezuela must continue to raise – with more strength than ever – its just claim to the Essequibo through the path of international law, and to reconquer it through peace. That’s why my first words are “national unity”.

Guerra: Inflation at 68.2% in June

Economist Jose Guerra assured his Twitter followers today that the country’s inflation rate for 2015 up to June sat at 68.2%. He also said that the annualized rate (going back to June 2014) is now at 120.7%. Guerra did not reveal how he had arrived at the figures.

The Banco Central de Venezuela has not published inflation data at all this year, leaving individual economists and financial institutions to estimate the figure based on other economic markers.

UCV Professors on Indefinite Strike

The Asociación de Profesores de la Universidad Central de Venezuela (APUCV) announced today that its members were on an indefinite strike until their demands were met.

According to APUCV, the government has been “inconsistent” in paying their salaries and vacation bonuses, and that it had attempted to pay at least some of the organization’s members “insufficient” sums of money, suggesting that the  professors were not receiving the full pay and bonuses to which they are entitled.

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