Maduro announced last night that Iran had agreed to grant Venezuela a $500 million line of credit,  calling it a sign that “Venezuela will never lack friends in the world”. Maduro made the financing announcement at the same time that he revealed a set of scientific and economic agreements with the Asian nation.

The financing announcement hints at a Venezuela that is in desperate need of cash. Just three months ago, Maduro announced that China had agreed to lend Venezuela $10 billion. The loan was deposited in Venezuela’s international reserves in April.

Maduro also announced – although did not fully explain – an initiative to deal with the so-called “economic war” Maduro and the PSUV maintain is being waged by foreign and domestic enemies bent on destroying the country:

First, we are signing a document against the economic war (…) We are facing a monumental economic war. They are attacking all of the distribution systems for every product and service, trade systems. It’s a brutal war of contraband, and we continue to look after our people through systems in place (…) this first agreement that we’ve signed today has to do with the transfer of political and technical methodologies to face the economic war.

Finally, he offered kind words for any Iranian businesses looking to enter the Venezuelan market while also attacking his enemies:

Bring all the business people that want to come here, to establish a new network of industry, a new economy in alliance with all the Venezuelans who want to produce – and there are many – beyond the pelucones [a derogatory term for “opposition”] from the oligarchy who just want dollars to get rich with the dollars from oil incomes that actually belong to the people and who want to make the people angry. They don’t know about the conscience, the love and the spirituality our people feel.

PSUV Ready for Tomorrow’s Primaries

The PSUV appears ready to hold its primary election tomorrow, having installed 98% of its voting tables across the country. The announcement was made by Jorge Rodriguez, the mayor of the Libertador municipality in Caracas.

Rodriguez said that the PSUV was experiencing some minor difficulties setting up its voting tables in Delta Amacuro and Tachira states due to torrential rains that have hammered the regions in recent days.

Tomorrow, PSUV supporters will select from among 1,162 candidates who will represent their electoral districts in December 6 parliamentary elections. Voting will take place across 3,987 polling stations throughout the country.

Long Lines at Bicentenario in Plaza Venezuela

Twitter users reported long lines at the Bicentenario in Plaza Venezuela, Caracas this afternoon.

Below, some pictures of the line:

A video shared on Twitter by @gruptecnoglobal allegedly shows part of the line up in the market’s underground parking lot. A national guard officer can be seen directing people in the video. Towards the end of the clip, a woman can be heard saying, “If someone told you this was happening, you wouldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t…”:

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