Miranda state governor and opposition figure Henrique Capriles is the target of legal action over comments he has made through Twitter in the past.

Capriles has received a suit of retardo perjudicial, which in Venezuelan law is akin to a court order issued to ensure evidence that could be used in future proceedings is not destroyed. An image of the suit shared by Capriles through his Twitter account specially mentions a tweet he made in March of this year in which he says that the government has stolen money from Venezuelans.

After receiving the suit, Capriles commented through Twitter how “swift” the justice system acted in this case, and vowed to not be silenced by the measure.

Capriles in Hot Water over Meme

On June 14, Capriles tweeted a meme bearing the image of Tibisay Lucena, the head of the Consejo Nacional Electoral [CNE].

The tweet reads, “They can’t [go up against] our united country! Long live Venezuela! Happiness is what our people need!”. The meme shows Lucena’s face with the caption “Colombia won”. Both can be seen below:

Capriles tweeted the image after Venezuela’s 1-0 victory over Colombia on Sunday during a Copa America match. The image is humorous because it plays on the idea that the CNE often “gets” electoral announcements wrong, even when the results appear to be as obvious as a 1-0 victory in a soccer match.

The tweet drew the ire of the PSUV-controlled National Assembly, who discussed the issue today. Tania Diaz, the second vice-president of the body, qualified the meme as an “attack” against Lucena, and said that it was “misogynistic and… antipatriotic”.

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